Shasta Soul Tours

Spiritual journeys in nature…                                                                                                                   ….for awakening the heart… the growth of the soul…and remembering who we are…

…an inner journey as much as an outer one….”as above, so below…as within, so without”
Shasta Soul Tours will be a 10 day spiritual adventure immersed in nature on and around the beautiful Mt. Shasta, in northern California. I have created this tour out of my love for teaching (see and the love i have for being in nature and Mt. Shasta. (see bio at the above link and the one below)
We will spend our time engaged in various spiritual and healing work, including meditations for opening the heart, exercises for communing with nature and with each other, yoga, qigong, etc. Being in nature, connected and grounded to mother earth greatly facilitates all levels of healing -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, as healing is an integral part of our awakening process and our spiritual journey in life.
Shasta Soul Tours is designed for healing and awakening in the easiest and highest way, for the highest good of ourselves and for others in the group. It is intended to be a deepening and an acceleration of our individual and collective ascension process we have all been on, (whether we recognize our being on one or not). It will be a celebration of our awakening hearts and our emerging light bodies coming together in recognizing our intimate connection to our higher selves, to others, to mother earth, and to the Source of all creation, God.

Shasta Soul Tours

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Shasta Soul Tours – Shasta Soul Tours is something i am creating out of a
combination of my love of teaching (
and the love i have for being in nature and Mt. Shasta.
It will be a 7 to 10 day physical and spiritual advenuture designed for healing,
awakening and remembering who we truly are. It will be an inner journey
as much as an outer one. As above, so below. As within, so without. We will
spend as much time as possible in nature, in the beautiful natural areas
on and around Mt. Shasta, engaged in various healing and
spiritual modalities including meditations and exercises for
opening the heart, communing with nature and with each
other, qigong, yoga, and breathing practices. One full day
will be devoted to healing (primarily) our physical and
emotional body which will include a trip to a natural hot
springs. SST will be a celebration of our connection to Mother
Earth, the source of all life on this planet, a celebration of our awakening hearts, which is the source of love, reflected in the beauty all around us. The first tour will be in Sept. 2016.

Stay tuned for updates on schedule, itinerary, costs, etc. If you are reading this, consider yourself invited on this most auspiciously fun and life changing journey.