The Goddess is Alive and Well in Budapest !

               Above and below the surface, in the physical human, in the Elementals, and on the Etheric plane

Yes, she comes and shows Herself in many ways here for me…. in the women and men at the Soul Family Conference, in the thermal hot springs water at the spas, and through the feelings and musings of my soul, as well as in the many old statues one sees throughout the city.

There was a strong Goddess Presence throughout the Conference, just by the very nature of what Cobra was presenting to us that is happening on the planet and the different ways that She is being revealed,  received, and embodied at this time, as part of the awakening in all of us and our planet. The word “Goddess”  is a  rather generalized term that is being used by many, in different contexts and meanings, yet how i refer to Her is as pure Source Light,  as SOPHIA, the Divine Feminine Creatrix of the Universe, whose unconditional love begat Everything,  including you and me.

She came alive in the eyes and presence of the many women and men at the Conference. Cobra said that one of the pure feminine qualities of the Goddess is unconditional receiving…. and i awoke to this in a big way on the second day of the conference. I had lost my wallet the day before, which was the only source I had for paying for all my expenses for the 8 days I would be in Budapest. Needless to say, strong feelings of fear and worry about survival arose in me. That night i was beside myself… frantically searching for options, one of which was having a replacement debit card expedited to me. The soonest one could possibly arrive would be in 5 or 6 days which could not be guaranteed.  Strangely,  I awoke the next morning with the feeling that everything would be OK and that i would be provided for. I thought that I could borrow  enough funds from someone and pay them back through PayPal. When i got to the conference i shared my situation with Anita, the organizer, who suggested and offered (and subtly encouraged me) that i make an announcement in front of everyone of my situation. I was hesitant to accept, because i did not want to take up valuable conference time for my personal problem. Also because i have a hard time asking for anything … perhaps part of my programming… yet i agreed. So right after i made an announcement  of my situation and that I would like to find someone who was willing to lend me money, a huge influx of people came up to me and freely handed me all kinds of bills in all denominations. While i  thanked each one of them as much as i could, I felt that I could not thank them enough, as I stuffed my pocket with all the bills. I felt much gratitude yet I was tinged with the feeling that i did not deserve to receive money so easily. This was definitely part of my programming… that i need to work and strive for money.  My pocket was bulging out  with all the stuffed bills. At first i was thinking that this was just “pocket money” to hold me over for a few days. When i finally got a chance to count it all, i was shocked! I had to count it over again. I had enough HUF and Euros for about 5 days of my budgeted amount needed! I easily borrowed the rest from one of the four people that had offered to loan me money.  I was, and am, overwhelmed at the free out pouring of generosity of so many people.

             I received quite a large sum of money and now i see this was a good lesson for me in learning how to receive… to receive unconditionally… from any source, without having to “work” for it. A lesson from Sophia? I think so. It was also an acknowledgment of my manifestation ability.  Even though the money came to me freely from the generosity of others, i had still manifested it. It was as well an eye opener for me that it is OK to ask for something. If it is a true desire, and also especially if it is something that is necessary to have in order to live on this planet. Unfortunately at this time, money is one of things that is necessary. In the near future, we will be making the transition to a different economic paradigm where we will be free of the system we have which was created by the Archons as a program for controlling us.


Water As A Healing and Awakening Elemental

Cobra answered a question about  mermaid Goddesses of which i did not hear the name. He talked about how they were connected to mermaid priestesses in the Agartha civilization, some of which had temples directly underneath Budapest which in turn are directly connected to the thermal spring waters that feed the many hot thermal spas throughout the city. He said they were “completely focused on this room at this time”, meaning all the people and what was happening at the conference. When i heard this, I felt an energetic connection to them, and remembered my recent initiation with Quanyin, “She of a Thousand Waters” (1)  a Divine Ascended Master who through the water medicine element, heals and awakens and bestows compassion upon our mere willingness to ask and receive. 

During  the many times to the thermal springs, the many hours of immersing my self in the healing waters of the various pools,  I was full  of connections with Goddess energy… which came  in an overall  sense of peace and well being, that physically pervaded my body and soul. One of my favorite was the 42C (107F) pool. I have always had a strong affinity to water. At home and wherever i travel, i always find natural bodies of water to swim, bathe and be immersed in. I had an initiation a month ago through Quanyin with the waters i frequently swim in near my home in Florida. (see 

After coming out of  the 42C thermal spring bath  one time, i laid down on a bench and fell into a meditative like sleep for some minutes. These “naps” i take are different than sleep in some ways, one of which is that in the transition of waking up, i am conscious and aware. This time some words came to me, “The moth is still connected to the cabal” which i have no clear meaning for. I lay there for some moments feeling a deep peace and rest in my body, mind and soul.

In the steam sauna i felt like i was breathing in the Goddess into my lungs filling my insides and soul with Her warm essence. And in the sauna’s 86 C (186 F) air, I absorbed Her through my pores…. the pores of  my skin and the pores of my soul. On the day of my 4th time at a thermal spa, Budapest was blessed with the sun element. 

                   I was baptized in the 36 C pool with water medicine and sun medicine…. filling my being with much needed solar rays from father sun. After an hour or more, i felt fed with Prana… and full.  When i lay down, i saw the sun in my third eye…. slowly pulsing from a red that is never seen with the eyes, to a yellow…

Inside us all is Everything we need. As earth beings who have been programmed and implanted to lose our connection with Source, through the Divine Elements of Gaia, can make our reconnection to Source back through these Divine Elements. The sun and water carry our remembered inheritance that Gaia has never forgotten. We actually carry this Divine inheritance within us, within our crystalline DNA, that is light coded. The suppression of the Divine Feminine Goddess from our our hearts, bodies and souls over the the last 7000 years has  almost squelched out most of our means of reconnection, has buried and disembodied our spirit in so many ways. It is our mission to re member with who WE are….who We Are as Light, as divine light and love embodied in human form.

The Elementals that Gaia provides us in abundance, dispite the travesties of rape and plundering of Her by man, is a Way to remember and reconnect with our Souls, our Spirit. The Way must be taken if we are to regain our sovereignty, we must swallow the red pill and follow the rabbit hole however deep and winding or difficult it may be. As Cobra said, the way is not easy way, especially in the beginning, but it is the most rewarding.

                I want to thank Gaia for not giving up on us. I want to thank Sophia, the one Source Divine Creatrix for not forsaking us, as much as we feel we have forsaken her. Like a Mother, She could never forget us, and like a Mother, she is going to battle for us, awakening our many souls on this planet  through her Divine Ascended Masters , through Gaia’s Divine  Elements, and through the Wayshowers on our planet that have discovered and are living The Way… one of whom which is Cobra.

I want to thank Cobra for his perseverance as liaison for the Pleiadians and Resistance Movement in all his work and sacrifice and hardships endured in our battle for reclaiming our planet as the Paradise it once was, by showing and revealing to us the Truth of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. Through him, I have realized that all the spiritual rabbit holes I have travelled into, over the decades have had a purpose and have been worth while.

I  want to thank Kaia Ra, for the beautiful divine  Wayshower she is, who has revealed for me who Sophia really is,  through Green Tara (Om Tare Tutare Ture So Ha). and Quanyin, (Om Mani Padme Hum) two of the Divine Ascended Masters of the Sophia Dragon Tribe ( one of which is Babaji, above) that have initiated and mentored me in a very personal way,  in my spiritual journey back to Source. Kaia Ra has done this through her book, The Sophia Code, a Divine transmission codex, fully alive with Light and Love, guidance and mentorship.

The embodiment of the Goddess in each of us, is part of our remembering and awakening to who we are… in our ascension process.   As Cobra said, do not be afraid to ask…. we have much help available to us.                                                                                          The  Victory of the Goddess is Victory of the Light.                                                                      So it will be and so it is.

Sophia Healing


                                                                                     photo by Kaori, Lido Key, Florida

       In the Sea of a million drops of holy water

I baptize myself… moving through the waves

that wash and cleanse the thousand tears of pain

and separateness that i have lived in…

       In the Sun Light of a million photons

I baptize my self, allowing its holy light

to enlighten the eight great  fears 

i’ve felt in the many dark nights of the soul.

       In the pranic Air of fresh breezes

I breathe the holy spirit into the holy spirit of me

to fully feel & re member all the lost parts of me

created by the amnesia of my pain and suffering.

On a million grains of sand,  i stand with my 

inner child who  knows only of its innocence..

And like a mother, who knows only of compassion 

for her lost child… i hold him….

& create a connection with my Phoenix Child within,

      And feel the power of “my I Am Presence for-

give myself for every moment  in the amnesia of 

my unconscious wounds” 

and feel  “the cleansing waters of my Holy Spirit 

baptize me from all the suffering of my past”

This baptizing, this great holding and forgiving 

that lies at the heart of all true healing…

connects me to my Higher Self… My Holy Spirit,

and can happen on any day, in any way, at any time,

yet is greatly facilitated by a conscious participation 

with the sacred Elements…divine embodiments of Gaia

and through the grace & mentorship with an Ascended Master.

This is  my initiation by QuanYin, who I’ve felt

and connected with many times before…

yet now feeling her as a close mentor as

a Divine Feminine Master of Sophia’s Dragon Tribe.

             Om Mani Padme Hum

Sophia, who can come in many forms 

only exists as One, in Oneness…

Who can be known by many names

yet has no name…

Who can appear as a thousand suns… 

yet creates from the dark womb of no thing.

quotes are from page 261 of “The Sophia Code”. 

A Living Transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe








The Eclipse Meditation- A Co Creation with Source, the Galactics, and Light Forces & Workers

We are in the beginning stages of creating heaven on earth. Our hearts intentions are greatly magnified at this time. Everything we do matters. Everything we think and feel will manifest. The Goddess wants joy and love to reign, so let us help her in creating a life, creating a planet, where joy and love reigns.                  This event is a multidimensional portal that will allow any sentient being, which includes the stars and planets, to help in the co creation of a heaven on earth. An opportune time, “a moment of no time”, for our hearts, bodies, and souls to connect and align directly with higher frequencies and dimensions in our cosmos, and in particular for the first time with our Cosmic Central Sun.A time to dance and move our bodies in alignment with heavenly bodies.  The event will allow a  “point of manifestation” to occur, allowing our free will and decisions to make a quantum leap. This is a precious time and everything we do and think is amplified.

  As within……..                                           so without….

The following words are my own personal prayer for this event that i will say out loud 3 times at some  point during the meditation. I invite you to create your own prayer of intention from your heart and do likewise.

“In the name of the nameless, God/Source,                                                                         I call upon the pillar of Your Pure White Light                                                                           to descend and form around me.                                                                                            I thank you for allowing my I Am Presence                                                                                to fully merge and join with me, here, now,                                                                          to initiate the unfoldment of the next phase of my mission                                                 here on this planet that i have chose prior to incarnating.

Allow these words to open the frequencies, the portals                                        towards maifiesting the following events in my life….here and beyond…..

Thank you for assisting me in my own further awakening unto Who I Am                         and in my assisting of others unto their own awakenings.                                           Thank you for allowing us, who are on, off, and under the surface of the planet              to co create The Event, which will usher in a new phase of our ascension process,       on an individual, planetary, and cosmic level.                                                                   Thank you for reuniting me with my soul family – my soul brothers and sisters,         my soul mates, and my dear twin soul,   who will together, co create the New Earth, The New Atlantis…                                             a life full of joy, peace, prosperity and love…                                                                            a life based in Oneness.

So be it and so it is.”

           The Goddess wants Joy and Love to reign and Joy and Love will reign



Oh My Brazil, My Heart Is In Your Heart!

Oh My Brazil !                                                                                                                                                            I was guided to you and you opened your wide welcoming arms to me! Coming to you was like discovering a lost family tribe of mine, like a dear family member you took me in. …….  

                                                                                                                                                    In cahoots with my guardian goddess angel, leading me to my soul brothers and sisters who opened their homes and hearts with hugs (real Brazilian hugs!) and generosity of spirit galore. Obrigato to all of you…. so enthused and inspired by our common quest of returning to the Light, as the Light Beings We Are…


Oh My Brazil, your opened  city and seas, parks and trees,  your inner lands were like gems to me. Yes, your Chapada dos Veadeiros, a refuge for body and soul… a play land of unbounded beauty I was beheld and fed by.

With a small group of kindred souls, we travelled your roads until they became dirt, walked across grassy plains without a shirt, onto dry dirt paths beyond hills… eventually revealing oasis’s of rivers and streams pooling in clear ponds fed by

cascading crystal waters…. Yes, the waterfalls of Chapada, each of the seven we pilgammaged to, had its own personality and way of welcoming, cooling and nurturing us, allowing us to embody each of their essences of liquid love.


Oh My… and the bathing goddess beauties that gathered…. like a party… near splashing forceful falls, wading in the cool waters, lounging on warm boulders, sun glistening skin, absorbing all God’s sensuous gifts…  as Adams and Eves in Eden….


we delighted. And like them, we had to leave, each one of us carrying in our minds and hearts that Garden. Sweating upon arriving and shedding tears when leaving….

Yes, that Garden, ,  many of us are re visioning, creating and reclaiming on Earth…. so that All will be able to Live In, as The New Earth….The New Atlantis.


Oh My Brazil, you have never forgotten the Garden, the earth as paradise it was…and have reminded us and allowed us to taste  and visit …

Perhaps the Light Forces have recognized you as one of their own and with Cobra’s help have fanned the flames In Light Workers hearts, awakening us to the Goddess Presence and further opening our planet to the Light and Love that will engulf us All…. Soon!


Obrigato… Thank you… to all the beautiful souls I met in Brazil… Tais!, Anna, soul brother Kiko! Talita, Flave, Larissa, Vanessa, Nay and Fabian!, Ivete, Manuela! Andrea, Gabriel, Ibira, crazy Maurao! soul brother Madu! Veina, Louisa, and Cobra !! All whose hearts are in my  heart !!!                                                                                                                                                        Oh My Brazil, Meu coração está no seu coração !!!  (My heart is in your heart !!!)


The Goddess Is Alive and Well in Brazil !!




Yes, The Goddess Presence is alive and thriving in Brazil. We all felt Her at the conference in some very potent and emotional ways. For me She came alive very strongly…. not only in my own heart and soul, but also by seeing her Presence in the joyful hearts and souls of the many Brazilians present. For as Cobra stated in his blog (and gave a link to my blog post),  “On the second day of the conference, a huge breakthrough happened. We managed to anchor the Goddess energy as never before:    Also the next day at our gathering at Ibirapuera Park, many conference attendees came out to celebrate. It was like an “after party” of the conference, and soon after we got there, we discovered we had something additional to celebrate – the removal of the large, ugly Maman Spider sculpture that had been there since 1996! It, along with a 79 other maman sculptures around the world, Light workers have been diligently planting Cintamani stones to counteract the negative energy generated at each location. So the Cintamani and Morganite stone recently planted, the recently created Buddhic Column, the recently formed Sisterhood Of The Rose group that met there weekly and our Conference was no match for the spider!  

We sung and danced to  Kiko playing guitar, ate and drank,  enjoying each others company on the grass and in the sunlight, with our dear Cobra! Towards the end we meditated and then created a beautiful mandala on the grass of natural materials found in the park. (thanks to Gabriel!)   It was another sign of Her coming alive…. Her Presence…




A week later in Salvador She came came alive again at the Festival De Verao, where Kiko Perez’ band, the Natiruts played. 


We could feel the energy of the show as we approched the soccor stadium in the van, that Kiko so gratiously offered Nay, Fabian, Cobra and I,  a ride and tickets to the VIP area! As we walked into the concert I felt like I was in a TV show, as it was an otherworldly experience. The stadium itself appeared and felt as a beautifully lit mother ship, open to the sky                   

 The beautiful Anitta, a well known pop star came on before the Natruits. Kiko’s reggae style band brought the already enlivened people more so. They played a song that Cobra mentioned where he felt the presence of Isis Astara singing! Nay  commented  “It felt like Isis got the lyrics and downloaded to him…. so beauiful” and that it made him happy. Here is the link to the full Naturits show.   (the song begins at 17:35)and part of the lyrics where Isis is singing:  

 “hummingbird that brought my love, flew and went away…

look how beautiful is my love….i am happy now 

i am thankful to be here, expressing my emotions

and put my ideas and feelings in a song

i am thankful to be able to sing and see you listen to it

and understand this message that i want to put across

hummingbird that brought my love, flew and went away

look how beautiful is my love i am happy now

i am happy now”


After the Natiruts played, we went to the private VIP rave section and danced… and danced….. it felt very freeing to move in ways i never moved before. At times it felt was other  worldly… out of this 3D realm to another freer place. Seeing Cobra dance i somehow felt even freer and gave myself further permission to express myself… to move… to feel the beat and musice and close my eyes and go……












I never went to a “rave” show  before and  It reminded me and felt a little like when i used to go to rock and roll shows, like The Gratefull Dead, squeezing my way  up to the front and dancing and becoming free…. the way we were meant to be…to come alive and move without inhibitions… without thinking of what others are thinking….I spend way too much time concerned about what others are thinking. 

I look forward to the near future, after the Event, when we can all feel freer and closer to our hearts….. closer to The Goddess coming alive in our hearts and bodies and souls. This world has gone on way too long without The Goddess presence and force on our planet….without Her being inside us and feeling joy, and love and happiness… feeling connected and not separate…. feeling close to our own Soul Presence, which is Her…. and truly feeling in Oneness and being in Oneness, which is way different than just saying it. We are the Light. We are the Light inside and connected to the Light

 that is coming to us from far away, that will shine this world to a New World. The Goddess is Alive and is coming back to us and the planet in Full Force. Muito Obrigato to Cobra for coming here and opening Brazil to more of The Goddess Presence….

for She  has truly come alive in Brazil !!!