Cobra’s amazing update

The comment i made on Cobra’s blog: “Awesome… beyond the most promising, uplifting, & empowering of Cobra’s posts i can ever remember reading. Just the sheer number of negative things that have been cleared and removed that have been in the works for years as well as the number of improvements that we can all feel now and look forward to in the near future.  Seems like we have been using words like “soon” and “near future” for years now and and now these words feel very realistic to use in what we have been working for and anticipating for some time. Thank you Cobra for revealing so much positive intel and a plethora of links to dive into! Ever since the conference in Taipei, I have felt a great boost in energy and  have been feeling much more happily optimistic about the planetary situation and my own life as well.                        The Portal of Light Activation was amazing as well… in what I personally felt and experienced.                                                    ….   I am also very happy to have Cobra acknowledge my conference notes as being able to give a feeling of the energy of the conference. The  conference was indeed the most uplifting and exciting, by far, of all the 6 conferences i’ve been to. Thank you Cobra!

these two images were displayed on his site as examples of how the skies have changed as a result of the Portal Of Light Meditation

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