Personal Notes from Taipei Ascension Conference – Nov. 30 – Dec. 1

Personal Notes from the Taipei Ascension Conference,  Nov. 30 – Dec. 1, 2019

Disclaimer: These notes are my own interpretation of what I heard Cobra present at the conference. Some information may be missing or not totally clear or accurate, yet I feel much of it is close enough so as to convey the subjects Cobra presented o be useful to those on a spiritual path and working for the liberation of our planet.   Anything that in parenthesis is my own words as added information to clarify the intel Cobra was presenting. These are for private use only and have not been approved by Cobra.

All in all, Cobra greeted us and presented his intel throughout the conference in an upbeat manner that was enjoyable to experience.  Much intel was presented for the first time, much more so than at other confrences i have attended (5 in total)


Welcoming and Introduction

We are not alone…. many Light Forces are here to support this conference.

(photo of Andromedan ship taken at lunch time during the conference)

Out purpose here, as in other conferences, is to bring us closer to the final  victory of the Light. We are creating a strong resonant field with this many people…. 400 can influence the planetary situation. The Light Forces are testing the surface population through this conference. Depending upon your reaction, If everything goes well there will soon be even more new information revealed. We all came here with life experiences and belief systems not based on reality. We must expand our minds to perceive what is real. Truth is stranger than fiction and many will be shocked and surprised when the Event happens (including Light Workers). We must release our belief systems to see what is real. We have been implanted with many layers of programming which i have spoken much about before. All of us signed a contract to be implanted in order to incarnate on this planet. 


We have basically lost a large capacity of our minds… as there is a war for peoples’ minds… One force of this war comes through the false information in the media. Connecting our mind to our Higher Self is one of our most important tools for us (when we are connected to  our Higher Self, we have many more choices available to us as well as greater use of free will). We are now in the entry time of “end time madness).  Very strong energies entering the planet are triggering clearings of our minds and emotional bodies that contribute to this madness. The Light Forces bring clarity to this.

Opening Meditation to clear and connect us

(note: the first 3 lines in bold were also given to us each time as we began each segment of the program after coming back from a break)

      Close your eyes and watch your breath… . As you breathe in… breathe in brilliant white light into your being…. and as you breathe out, radiate this brilliant white light into your surroundings… and keep breathing like this.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your physical body… and as you breathe out, breathe out all the things you don’t need in your physical body…. and keep breathing like that…      Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your physical body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your plasma body… and as you breathe out from your plasma body,  release all the things you don’t need in your plasma energy body…and keep breathing like that…  Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your plasma body, and as you breathe out radiate this light from your plasma body into your surroundings.

And now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your etheric body… and as you breathe out, release all the blocks in your chakras and meridians…. and keep breathing like that…  Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your etheric body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your emotional body… and permeate all your emotions with this light….and as you breathe out, release all your  emotions that you don’t need anymore…. your anger, sadness,  fear, jealousy….. just let them go.   Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your astral body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings, and keep breathing like that.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your mental body… and as you breathe out, breathe out all your thoughts and belief systems that you don’t need anymore from your mental body… from your mind… and keep breathing like that…  Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your mental body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

And now breathe brilliant white light into the totality of your being, and breathe out this light from your being… and keep breathing like that. And as you breathe like that you are becoming like a

being of light…. You are a being of light. And we will confirm  that fact by singing the sacred sound “OM” three times. (chanting 3 x’s out loud with the group)

As a being of light we are connecting to all people in this group and becoming one being of light. We are confirming that fact by singing the sacred sound of “OM” three times. (chant 3 x’s)

As a group, as a point of light as one group, we are connecting to other groups throughout the planet  creating a planet as a single planetary being of light, where there is an end to all suffering and darkness.

Now visualize  our vast Milkey Way galaxy consisting of one hundred billion stars that are emanating light in all directions, sending light to our solar system and to our sun and then to our planet. The galactic cetnral sun is the source for all this light in our galaxy. Our earth is the last planet to become full of light and free of all negativity. This is the completion of the Galactic Prophecy which claims there will come a time when all darkness will disappear through out the galaxy, and only Light will remain.   And that time is now. We will confirm this now by chanting the sacred sound of OM 3 times (chant OM 3 x’s)                                   

(end of meditation)

Questions and Answers (later referred to as Q and A)

My question:  Cobra, you have mentioned here now and before  about expanding our minds in order to perceive the truth about things and I was wondering about other things affecting our limitations to know and perceive reality, like our emotional nature, our connection to our  heart, our connection to our higher self etc. Can you address this?

Answer: Yes, We must go through emotional healing in order to see clearly. We cannot expand our minds if we have suppressed emotions. We must integrate our emotions with our mind which is part of the divine marriage. Part of our madness is due to buried emotions whereby we react and project onto others. Trauma is created when we suppress our experiences that were too painful for us at the time to feel. (The pain becomes buried in our subconsciousness and our bodies) Clearing these  traumas and issues are necessary in order to integrate our emotional and mental bodies and become clear and free  (a necessary process in our ascension journey) 

Question about current political issues in Hong Kong.

Answer: The Hong Kong situation is similar to other areas of the planet. The protests were a genuine uprising that were hijacked by the dark forces. The Light Forces want us  to restore peace there. They suggest two things: 1) Organize daily peace meditations by the Hong Kong people themselves in order to put the energy into the physical. This meditation is for any light workers physically in Hong Kong. 

2) Create a strong network or cintamani stones, 400 or so, in flower of life patterns all around HK. 

right now there are only about 40.


(just one galaxy – our own Milky Way)

There are 100 billion galaxies in our universe. When the sky is clear we can only see a minute fraction of all the stars in our just our own galaxy…. 
There is far more to reality that what we can see and perceive. We need to expand our horizon and connect the dots. The purpose of our conference is to bring awareness to what is going on with our planet, and why the Light forces cannot interfere at the present time. (until all the toplet bombs are removed)

Physics of the Quarantine 

We have been subjected to a quarantine that has been developing since  25,000 years ago. Basically what this means is that planet earth is a jail. The Light Forces have been liberating huge sectors of our galaxy. Fleets have been escaping the darkness. The diameter of the darkness was just less than 1000 light years wide. The two main strong holds of darkness has been Orion in the Rigel star system and our  planet earth. The Orion forces controlled the visas for getting in and out. The Pleiadians were not allowed in.  Most Light Forces retreated to our solar system where  some created the Agarthan network in the inner earth, some on one of Jupiter’s moons (Ganymede?) and some in the area in the Kuiper  belt.(at the outside edge of our solar system)  Some incarnated on the surface of the earth as Joan of Arc, the founding fathers of the U.S., the Templars, and some around the time of Christ (Essenes?) (and many more)

In order to get a visa to earth we had to agree to be implanted. They have also developed the vaccination program. For the first time in 26,000 years we now have the possibility of a real prison break.  There were times before when the Light Forces were liberating areas on our planet…in 1993, 1994, and 1995. In 1996 the dark forces realized their possible failure and moved from Orion to Earth through the Congo portal invasion. In general the Light Forces and dark forces have not expected each others’ moves. Information is power. 

Intro to Tachyon technology

The Galactic Central sun is a source for high frequency energy fields that purify darkness. The Galactic forces developed a technology to support this process of removing darkness with the tachyon technology available to us now. Tachyons are sub atomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light, and were the first particles created at the birth of the universe. Thus they carry a direct connection to Source. They have the affect to decrease entropy (the gradual decline of order in a system) and to harmonize the quantum field. 

Cobra then introduced some of the products (most are available on his blog site) and qualities of some of the crystals – Morganite – Cosmic Love. Aquamarine- 5th dimension. Goshanite – ascension. He mention some of his new products the utilized tachyonized Flower Of Life sacred geometry.      (note: all Cobras crystals and star stones for sale are tachyonized)

Primary Anomaly

The primary anomaly (which is the source of where negativity can arise) is not intentionally created but is a necessity for creation.  It doesn’t make sense and is the opposite of sense. Source created its  opposite –  understanding . The dark forces jumped into the primary anomaly and worshipped chaos and darkness. Source did not create the primary anomaly. There exists tension between source and PA, until there is an explosion. We are (part of ?)  source that are devoted to change the PA. The dark forces are using PA to control the field which exists as a force of creation and using the entropy that  exists around the earth to help create a black hole not made of ordinary matter, but a quantum black hole where exists all possible fluctuations that would trigger  nuclear explosions.   Not just a chain (an atomic?) reaction. This occurred at the end of WW II with their attempts to create a disturbance in the quantum field. Their attempt failed as the two major nuclear detonations in Japan were not enough. In 1996 there were 200 nuclear explosions in the plasma plane that created a black hole that connects to Rigel star system.  The PA from Orion to earth (came through the Congo portal invasion?) 

Space is a vacuum that is not empty. It is full of quantum potential that can be used to control earth. If enough light exists there, the compression breakthrough can happen. This quantum field can be influenced with consciousness. When 144,000 meditate at the same time this shifts the quantum potential.  Of the 10 mass meditations we have had in 10 years, 3 reached the critical mass of 144,000 people and were successful. Each time this created a unified coherent field  and made a huge difference and shifted the timeline. The Silver Trigger on November 11th did not reach critical mass yet still affected change. In essence only our consciousness of the surface population can transform our planet, not the  Agarthans or the galactic civilizations. Our mass meditations are very important and  144,000 people meditating at one time as we did last January 2019 creates a victory in our timeline. 

The Plasma Plane

There are 7 concentric rings around the earth, which are seats of the Archons who collectively rule over the world as wardens of the cosmic prison we are in. More than a few Wanderers are sensitive souls who have the same idea (?) Each ring is a key of the dark forces. There exists now only 4 affective concentric rings (due to clearing from the light forces) 

The innermost layer exists on the surface of the planet and are around human beings. Each of our implants emit a torroidial field of the primary Anomaly that is about 30 meters in diameter… connecting as tunnels of set plasma filaments. This is what physicists describe in the super string theory where the filaments are waves connecting each being and act to keep our global consciousness in a certain energy field. 

The next layer exists at 13.9 km above the surface – the plasma plane, where billions of reptilians are waiting for humanity.

The 3rd layer is at 220km above the surface and is full of entities. 

The 4th layer exists from the surface of the planet to just inside the lunar orbit.

The tachyon barrier of our solar system has been recognized by the Voyager satellite when it hit a hot plasma ring at the outside edge. 

There are huge plasma spiders up to a kilometer wide around the earth controlling the quarantine. Air Force Space Command has bases as well as the HAARP low frequency network, both preventing ET landings.


Toplet Bombs

(note: the following was accompanied with slides depicting the physics on an atomic and sub atomic level of what Cobra was presenting, which was complex in ways. I apologize for my limited understanding and not taking better notes. What we can take away with this information, even if not understanding all of it, is that the Dark Forces have technology that is real, based on real quantum physics. This is not just a Star Wars fantasy. As Cobra has stated before, the Star Wars movie series  is Not science fiction)

The basic atom’s nucleus consists of protons and neutrons. (and the basic stability of an atom lies in the positive charge of the proton(s) balanced with the negative charge of the orbiting electron(s). The neutron carries no charge) There also exists a combination of down quarks and up quarks in the nucleus. The higher and more intense frequency of the electrons and particles, the higher the mass. Strange-let bombs (which have already been removed by the light forces ) consist of charm and strange particles which are heavier, as they are compressed by pressure in a rotating magnetic field.  The magnetic field prevents them from exploding. A particle accelerator can produce stranglets… but the Light Forces have prevented them from exploding. The Light Forces have protocols to resolve this progress. The accelerator on Long Island is very dangerous, much more so than the Haldron accelerator (in Europe. There was a diagram showing the difference in power and abilities) The physical (bombs?) are gone yet the plasma ones are still present.

A top quark mass can accumulate and literally eat matter and provide space for Primary Anomaly to exist. The dark forces have had toplet bombs since a long time ago. They have been brought to our planet 25,000 years ago and in the period between 1996 and 1999 through the  Orion star-gate. When two nuclei collide and are smashed together it creates a stranglet particle which can grow. This can create the possibility of all the mass of the earth being contained in the space of two of these rooms (the hall we were in).

All light can become dark or all dark can become light. The smallest particle that can exist is referred to as the Planck constant and is 10 to the minus 35 meters in size. The Pleiadians have calculated this and have revealed the interaction between Source and Primary Anomaly. They have equations that reveal the flow of time showing a vector that is a force between Source and Primary Anomaly. The dark forces also have same calculations. Through our free will, we can either slow down or speed up the time as we reach for Liberation.  The DF’s have sacrificed there efforts on Orion for the Earth. Yet the defeat of the Dark Forces can be calculated. (!) This is an underlying reality that there will be an end of Darkness. (the Galactic Prophesy) 

Cosmic Reset

We are in a new cosmic cycle in the 13 billion year cycle. Up to now the universe has been expanding and now we will soon be in a pause of “no breath” where source intervenes. Islands of paradise are areas in the new cycle, which is a cycle of perfection and paradise.

On January 19, 2019 (as we reached critical mass in our mass meditation) the Cosmic Central Race has taken notice of our planet and the toplet bombs. They will be preparing much. We were in a cycle that lasted from 1917 until the summer of 2019 and now we are in for some big changes that will include the major financial centers of London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.


The Galactic Central Sun, at the center of our Milkey Way galaxy,  is a source of energy and the all pervading Presence of the great “I Am.” It is a point of integration of spirit and matter and the the release of Light and Love.




The Flower of Life 

The flower of life shows the basic geometry and structure of our space time continuum. The source of the liquid crystal is the hexagon, which is the basic shape the circles in the FOL form. We can align ourselves with that same harmony that it emits. The advanced races have used it throughout their life. The Galactic Central Race asks  to have the FOL released for aligning the Earth with the Cosmic Central Race. 144,000 people meditating creates a FOL resonant field. Cintamanis buried in the form of the FOL can transform cities. It holds the keys for the birth of the New Atlantis. St. Germain brings the awareness of amethyst, violet and abundance. We can arrange amethyst in a FOL pattern to facilitate this as well as to meditate on the Violet flame and visualizing the Event and purifying the planet. 


Europe – The Final Countdown

“We’re leaving together; But still it’s farewell; And maybe we’ll come back; To earth, who can tell?                      I guess there is no one to blame; We’re leaving ground (leaving ground); Will things ever be the same again?    It’s the final countdown; The final countdown”                                                                                                 We’re heading for Venus (Venus); And still we stand tall; ‘Cause maybe they’ve seen us (seen us);                     And welcome us all, yeah

With so many light years to go; And things to be found (to be found); I’m sure that we’ll all miss her so…”     “It’s the final countdown; The final countdown; The final countdown; The final countdown; Oh, The final countdown, oh It’s the final count down; The final countdown; The final countdown; The final countdown; Oh; It’s the final count down.                                                                                                                          We’re leaving together; The final count down; We’ll all miss her so; It’s the final countdown;                        It’s the final countdown; Oh; It’s the final countdown, yeah.”

(before Cobra greeted us, a video was shown of “Europe – The Final Countdown”  with  the above words to a song  displayed that we all sang along to, which was quite uplifting. The song with words displayed, English and Chinese, can be found on Youtube. Search “Europe – The Final Countdown – Yang Xiao”. or here:


Planetary Reset

(photo of a painting depicting beautiful scene with domes in a nature setting was displayed)

Depending on the reaction of this group, much new intel may  be release to the public.

Our planet is a home for the highest advanced beings. Before 25,000 years ago every galactic criminal was welcome here. This is a sacred planet and will be treated as such.  Harmony with nature and technology aligned with our spiritual purpose will exists throughout.

Mandala Light Technology

(Cobra welcomed the Mandala Light group to present their technologies.  Akmai Togby presented their latest products, some just being available recently. He mentioned that throughout the conference there was one of his products set up in the rear emanating pulsating light frequencies harmonizing our five levels of being – our physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and universal cosmic level. The following is Akmai’s presentation.)

Mandala Wand – This technology utilizes 6 lasers, 2 red, 2 infra red, and 2 violet all in a scalar field. It has a 16 million color light spectrum. One of the ways it can be used is as laser acupuncture to the body. 

Element Activator- Co developed with Russian and Japanese scientists along with the Light Mandala team. It utilizes silica which is a super conductor used in many communication technologies. It emits a high intensity pulsed light with a magnetic field at 47 kh and 131 kh. It transfers info into a crystal activator amplifier that can fill up a room. It can activate water and structure it to make it super conductive and hydrating to the body as well as making it anti bacterial/virus. It can alleviate pain by disrupting the nerve pathways. 

Quartz Sphere –  this small quartz sphere has 90 prismatic tetrahedrons inside forming 180 triangles. it creates cold fusion and has representations inside of our solar system and 2 galaxies.

Harmonizer – Used for protection and imprints from one form to another creating anti aging properties. One method is to place a black and white photo of when you were young and would like to become on one side of it and yourself on the other. The harmonizer will use the info from the photo to project into and upon your body. 

(I talked with Akmai at the break and was inspired even more about his products of which i have already experienced in some sessions with a light worker healer. His website is

Collapse of Metastable Society      (graph displayed)

This idea is based on principles of suppression and not necessarily of the light and is not stable. It requires that energy  always be added to the system…. whether heat, kinetic energy or other.  The Dark forces cannot control this quantum field as the energy comes from the galactic central sun. The first dotted line is between phase I and phase II and occurred on 01/21/19 (the date of our mass meditation that reached critical mass)/ Phase III will be visibly obvious to society. The time between phase III and IV is the Event.  (this graph and idea is from Charles Hugh Smith  (a great website)

Our apparent stability is fake and only a show and is held in place by economic factors based on stolen gold. The crash will be visible by signs and symbols such as   1)end time madness which includes the polarization of society (i.e. pro and anti Trump), opposing views on transgenderism, and the  climate warming scam, all three of which are increasing.     2) financial system collapse.  All or most of these were present prior to the collapse of the Roman Empire. Other symptoms include triggering kundalini rising, and the burning of the Notre Dame, which initiated and facilitated the “Yellow Vest” movement in France. The power of kindness opposing the forces for control will culminate in a breakthrough and a collapse of our old society. 

Golden Age and the Financial System

A Golden Age will be ushered in with a new quantum financial system. The existing financial system was facilitated by the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. The Draconian forces failed in it’s attempt to take over the planet through Germany during WW II, which included the stealing of Yamashita’s Gold that financed the Secret Space Program as well as the building of 120 underground bases around the world which was to help set the stage for the cabal’s take over in 2000. This also included the siphoning off of income tax funds starting in the 1950’s. One trillion dollars a year are used for the Secret Space Program.

On our planet earth gold and diamonds are rare only because of the quarantine. Elsewhere it is completely different as in the constellation Centauris  there is an actual diamond star whose mass consists of 50% to 90% diamond. 

Yamashita was collaborating with the cabal and stored massive amounts of stolen gold in the Philippines. The gold was transported by US armed forces during WW II. In 1971 President Nixon removed the gold standard  which made it much easier to manipulate the system. This basically eliminated the requirement for paper money to have to be backed by gold (or silver). In the 1980’s paper money transitioned into electronic money via a centralized computer. This computer is not very advanced and was hacked by the cabal. In 1977 it was also hacked by the Resistance Movement which used those funds to help build their underground cities.  They were contacted by the Andromedans. Their computer systems are far more advanced  than the cabal’s. The cabal’s computer systems are at the stage that the Resistance Movement’s computers were 20 years ago. The Resistance movement has developed quantum computer simulators which are not actually computers but have the technology to influence the quantum field by shaping impulses according to the truth. They have the power to take over the system at any moment but can not due so due to the creation of too much chaos. When the surface population is ready and the toplet bombs are removed, then they will trigger the reset. 

So the collapse of our existing financial system is inevitable. As mentioned above this collapse is governed by the tension of the forces for control and the urge for freedom. 

(graph showing the severed drops in the stock market and near financial system collapses over the years)

The Soviet Union/1991       9/11        Lehman Brothers/2008          Brexit/2015 Sept. 2019 

In November (2019) the Central Banks started panicking. The instability of the system made them not trust other central banks and has prevented the lending of money between banks. Key banks are almost bankrupt. The Federal Reserve had to intervene, not like in 2008. The Rothschilds and others who were promised to be taken care of, realized it was a lie and started to escape to Argentina and China. The Jesuits want the crash in order to take control. They are creating their own crypto currency and are connecting to banks in England and China. The Light Forces are timid and are wary of the collapse with the non readiness of society. Some central bankers are already issuing warnings as recent advise has come from Goldman Sachs along with governments of countries.

Financial Collapse and Reset

The financial collapse and reset will happen at the time of the Event. The banks will be closed for one or two weeks when there will be a need to stay calm.  There are signs of this financial event and the Event in coming into the main stream media…. something I have been talking about for 7 years is now starting to be addressed.

Q and A

Question about the Black Dragon Family. 

Answer: The Black Dragon family originated (or were founders of?) during the Ming Dynasty in China and were founding members of the Japanese Dragon families.They contacted the Green Dragon family which were the same faction (……..….?) Nazi Germany. The Black Dragon family (……..?)  the dark forces.

Answer to question: The cabal needs 300 million a day. ?

Question about the ascension timeline ending in 2025:

Answer: We will get to a certain point. Not all may get ascended. 

Afternoon session 

(when we all regathered after our lunch break, a video was played of the Fifth Dimension group singing the popular song “Aquarius, Let the Sunshine In” (1969) which words had an astrological theme very appropriate to what Cobra presented)  



Synodic Cycles

Synod means “meeting” and Synodic cycles are the view of planets as looking at them from the sun. 

Overall there are 14 different transits of 2 planets that intersect 3 times. This hasn’t happened in thousands of years, perhaps millions.

Jupiter- Pluto transiting every 600 years – the last one occurred in the 14th century which was the start of the Templars. Jupiter (aspects with Jupiter signifies positive outcome)  expose hidden agendas.  Likely hood of Big changes. 

Jupiter – Saturn – next year could signify total revolution in the financial system. One cycle ending and another beginning.

Saturn – Pluto – 37 year cycle showing big shift behind the scenes which have already started. In 1947 the CIA originated.

(the following are standard geocentric (earth oriented) astrological aspects. The dates along  with the aspect was listed on the screen as he talked briefly about each one)

December 26 – solar eclipse in 4 degrees of Capricorn conjunct Jupiter.

January 10. Pluto, Eris and Saturn are conjunct on This has been termed “The Great Reset” by Nick Anthony. Also Apocalypse which means revelation of lifting of the Veil. 

January 11 – 5 conjunctions. A penumbral lunar eclipse. Uranus goes direct. Sun, moon, Ceres conjunct in 22 degrees Capricorn. Saturn Pluto conj. 20 degrees Capricorn

January 26 – first of Pluto Eris square. Tension with hidden agendas

March 22 – Jupiter Pluto conjunct as Jupiter enters Aquarius (home of Saturn) Disclosure including science revelations. Timeline going through highest possibility of being a trigger for transformation. Happened In last two decades 4 times that created significant  changes including the activation of the 11:11 in 1992. Archon invasion in 1996. 

April 4 – Jupiter Pluto – earthquakes to financial system. Masses having a say and obtaining power about it.

June 14 – 2nd Pluto Eris. More pressure upon cabal

June 21 – summer solstice – 0 degrees Cancer. A loose conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, & Jupiter

November 12 – Jupiter Pluto

December 11 –3rd Pluto Eris 

14 –total solar eclipse – even more pressure upon the cabal

17 – Saturn enters Aquarius for 2nd time

18 – sun conjunct galactic center (happens every year around this time)

21- solstice. Jupiter and Saturn 0 degrees Aquarius. Official start astrologically of the Age of Aquarius. Mars in Aries square Pluto.

The Phases of Islands of Light

Phase I  An island of light is a living mandala. Numerous galactic  societies will manifest. Star seeds will reawaken reactivating their true nature. There will be a breakthrough in the structure of implants. So far none of these awakenings have been successful. There will be a reawakening of the most advanced segment of the population at the time of the Event.  We will not be allowed to ….. . 

Some members of the general population may go on with their football and beer consciousness. At the  Event and after there will be reestablishing of contact. The light forces were quite disappointed regarding contact with the surface population. (At some point Cobra mentioned that it was a quite laughable matter) The more advanced of the surface population will awaken and make contact with the galactics (and the civilizations in inner earth ?) Daily meditations of the violet flame will facilitate …., . Jedi will have to calm down (Cobra laughed)  Certain codes will be transmitted to the advanced to awaken their soul mates and soul family members. I was disappointed in my Pleiadian urging to connect with my soul family. At the Event and afterwards inner work (on emotional issues etc) will still have to be done. 

Islands of Light at the Event will start with reactivation of soul families. Critical mass will reawaken reactivation of soul relationships.  (The physical creation of Islands of Light will start to happen?)

Phase II – phase II will consist of building and living in physical Islands of Light.

Phase III will be when Islands of Light become beacons of light  and entry points for ET contact. They will have teleportation chambers. At the time of the polar shift the Islands of Light will have reached critical mass and the planet will remain intact.

The polar shift will create a tsunami 1500 meters high. The aware segments of the population will be living high in the mountains or in Islands of Light that will be protected. (or in underground cities) This will be the final purification of the planet. The massive underground “city” under Taiwan (purported by Cobra to house up to 3 billion people) will be available to the Asian population. For others transportation may be arranged. The polar shift will occur a few years after the Event.

Q and A

Question about the waves of ascension 

Answer: The first wave will occur after the Event. The 2nd wave will be one or two years after and the third around the time of the polar shift.

After the Event implant removal will be quite intense. The veil and illusions will be over.  

Goddess  and soul family  – practical work will be intensive. Up to now the implants have maintained a separation from the soul and separation of love from sex. By clearing the implants the integration process will be intense. There will be re unification with our souls and with our galactic families.

Practical Exercise for Integration of Soul Family

Cobra described this as a simple and effective way for integration of our soul family. He  had us form in circle of individual groups of 10. Then one person volunteered to stand in the middle. Then we were asked to slowly scan our hands along the outside of their body, starting from the top of their head, down around  their body, down to their feet. When i was in the center, it felt wonderful)

Astrological aspects create a resonant field throughout the solar system. Each planet emanates an electromagnetic, scalar, and quantum field. Plasma filaments are created  that are described by planetary aspects. Their are 3 bands of rings in our solar system that are part of the Light Forces efforts for liberation. The outer most ring streps down the energy transmitted by the galactic central sun. The second ring exists at the orbit of Jupiter. One of its moons, Ganymede, is where the Jupiter Command is and is where the dark beings are processed and then taken to the GCS. Ashtar Command exists from the asteroid belt (between Jupiter and Mars)  to the sun. Atlantic Command is based at the inner ring at the moon’s orbit. Many ships are discussed as moons or asteroids. The surface of the moon that faces the earth is where their main command centers are, the main one being around the middle of the Tycho Crater.  Complete control of the moon by the Light Forces is a recent development.

We are at our solar minimum activity and will reach 12 times this activity during our solar maximum within the next 5 years.

Galactic Super wave and the Polar Shift




The Galactic super wave will trigger the polar shift. The cycle of the galactic central sun’s heartbeat is 26,000 years long. During the polar shift their will be segments of the population that will evacuate. The lucky ones will ascend. The position of the old equator, 75,000 years ago,  encircled the earth at star gates that were lined to other star systems. Their was  half of a galactic shift 13,000 years ago when certain species of animals became extinct. The new super wave will allow galactics to be reintegrated into society.


(Cobra said before the conference officially ended he wanted to thank all the people who came and helped as each members of the group he mentioned  stood up and was applauded.  He said that first and foremost he wanted to thank Jedi… then all the staff members of the IGAG (International Golden Age Group), Taiwanese who helped, and then all the different counties in Asia that contributed to the cintamani grid project, along with the Europeans, people from USA etc etc. Eventually everyone in the conference got a chance to be recognized).

I didn’t get a chance to write down everything here that Cobra closed the conference with…. some of it was similar to previous Conferences only with added energetic emphasis and liveliness, and seemingly more timely relevance!)

         (Activate button symbol was displayed @)






(most of us got up and started moving and dancing to the music of a video that was 

this video is the same song and captures the mood and excitement we all felt, dancing with each other  and hugging each other and moving in a celebratory way. It went on for a while as Cobra also got up and happily moved and danced.