The Eclipse Meditation- A Co Creation with Source, the Galactics, and Light Forces & Workers

We are in the beginning stages of creating heaven on earth. Our hearts intentions are greatly magnified at this time. Everything we do matters. Everything we think and feel will manifest. The Goddess wants joy and love to reign, so let us help her in creating a life, creating a planet, where joy and love reigns.                  This event is a multidimensional portal that will allow any sentient being, which includes the stars and planets, to help in the co creation of a heaven on earth. An opportune time, “a moment of no time”, for our hearts, bodies, and souls to connect and align directly with higher frequencies and dimensions in our cosmos, and in particular for the first time with our Cosmic Central Sun.A time to dance and move our bodies in alignment with heavenly bodies.  The event will allow a  “point of manifestation” to occur, allowing our free will and decisions to make a quantum leap. This is a precious time and everything we do and think is amplified.

  As within……..                                           so without….

The following words are my own personal prayer for this event that i will say out loud 3 times at some  point during the meditation. I invite you to create your own prayer of intention from your heart and do likewise.

“In the name of the nameless, God/Source,                                                                         I call upon the pillar of Your Pure White Light                                                                           to descend and form around me.                                                                                            I thank you for allowing my I Am Presence                                                                                to fully merge and join with me, here, now,                                                                          to initiate the unfoldment of the next phase of my mission                                                 here on this planet that i have chose prior to incarnating.

Allow these words to open the frequencies, the portals                                        towards maifiesting the following events in my life….here and beyond…..

Thank you for assisting me in my own further awakening unto Who I Am                         and in my assisting of others unto their own awakenings.                                           Thank you for allowing us, who are on, off, and under the surface of the planet              to co create The Event, which will usher in a new phase of our ascension process,       on an individual, planetary, and cosmic level.                                                                   Thank you for reuniting me with my soul family – my soul brothers and sisters,         my soul mates, and my dear twin soul,   who will together, co create the New Earth, The New Atlantis…                                             a life full of joy, peace, prosperity and love…                                                                            a life based in Oneness.

So be it and so it is.”

           The Goddess wants Joy and Love to reign and Joy and Love will reign