Ascension Conference – Taipei, April 8 & 9

Disclaimer: These notes are my own interpretation of what I heard Cobra present at the conference. Some information may be missing or not totally clear or accurate, yet I feel much of it is close enough so as to convey the subjects Cobra presented to be useful to those on a spiritual path and working for the liberation of our planet. … especially in these times of accelerated frequencies. And as Cobra mentioned… this information needs to get out there to the people.   Anything that in parenthesis is my own words as added information to clarify the intel Cobra was presenting. The content of intel at this conference was by far the newest amount of intel that i have ever heard at any of Cobra’s Ascension Conferences i have attended (my 6th one)

Day One, Saturday, April 8th


All of the lifetimes that we have lived have been A preparation for this one. This life for the next two years starting May 1 is when the real action starts.

            Much of what our minds think and know about this world is not true. We must go beyond all that we have known. Much intel Of what has happened, is happening now, and will happen, will be poured into the next two days. 

All that we see is a very small part of our galaxy and our galaxy is a very small part of the universe. We must expand our perspectives.

 (Photo of cobra flying beyond the veil)

This experience of flying beyond the veil showed me another world beyond. This experience holds the promise of our future.

Many are assisting humanity (Towards the breakthrough) We must start to align our energy. Just knowledge has to go around as soon as possible to all those who can understand.

Meditation to align and bring us together (note: the first 3 lines in bold were also given to us each time as we began each segment of the program after coming back from a break) Close your eyes and watch your breath… . As you breathe in… breathe in brilliant white light into your being…. and as you breathe out, radiate this brilliant white light into your surroundings… and keep breathing like this.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your physical body… and as you breathe out, breathe out all the things you don’t need in your physical body…. and keep breathing like that…      Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your physical body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your plasma body… and as you breathe out from your plasma body,  release all the things you don’t need in your plasma energy body…and keep breathing like that…  Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your plasma body, and as you breathe out radiate this light from your plasma body into your surroundings.

And now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your etheric body… and as you breathe out, release all the blocks in your chakras and meridians…. and keep breathing like that…  Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your etheric body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your emotional body… and permeate all your emotions with this light….and as you breathe out, release all your  emotions that you don’t need anymore…. your anger, sadness,  fear, jealousy….. just let them go.   Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your astral body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings, and keep breathing like that.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your mental body… and as you breathe out, breathe out all your thoughts and belief systems that you don’t need anymore from your mental body… from your mind… and keep breathing like that…  Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your mental body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

And now breathe brilliant white light into the totality of your being, and breathe out this light from your being… and keep breathing like that. And as you breathe like that you are becoming like a being of light…. You are a being of light. And we will confirm  that fact by singing the sacred sound “OM” three times. (chanting 3 x’s out loud with the group)

As a being of light we are connecting to all people in this group and becoming one being of light. We are confirming that fact by singing the sacred sound of “OM” three times. (chant 3 x’s)

As a group, as a point of light as one group, we are connecting to other groups throughout the planet  creating a planet as a single planetary being of light, where there is an end to all suffering and darkness.

Now visualize  our vast Milkey Way galaxy consisting of one hundred billion stars that are emanating light in all directions, sending light to our solar system and to our sun and then to our planet. The galactic cetnral sun is the source for all this light in our galaxy. Our earth is the last planet to become full of light and free of all negativity. This is the completion of the Galactic Prophecy which claims there will come a time when all darkness will disappear through out the galaxy, and only Light will remain.   And that time is now. We will confirm this now by chanting the sacred sound of OM 3 times (chant OM 3 x’s) 

New Cosmic Reset 

      Now we are in the peak of a new cosmic circle. Our galaxy is expanding and contracting like a slow heart beat breathing out and and breathing in. We will soon be reaching the maximum expansion of the out breath, when there will be a moment of no breath, Of total stillness, Open to the energy of Source.  With Pluto stationary in The sign of Aquarius. This energy of consciousness will rearrange everything… clearing all anomalies.

False Vacuum Theory

     Science has put forth ideas that are false… such as space is a vacuum , certain ideas about black holes and the finite speed of light.

The cosmic central sun is becoming more and more active. With it’s energy reaching our planet is having a great affect in helping humanity to reach a critical mass in awakening. Our mass meditations have been disappointing in fighting against the enormous efforts and power of the dark forces. With The consciousness of humanity beginning to experience awakening energy, the galactic Chintimini stone what has become available where it was not possible before. I have known about it for one year about it but it was not to be released as the power of it would have created so much trouble. 

(my photo showing a “regular” Cintamani stone’s translucent quality The light workers in Taiwan have been planting about 2000 Cintamanis a year reaching well over a total of 10,000… including many in the Staits of Taiwan. Each Cintamani planted affect the mind, emotions and reality of people for an area af a few square miles. The Tachyon chamber also Creates an energy portal clearing the whole environment. St Germain has been involved in recreating a planet of Light. Groups of people meditating helps this process. The veil that’s around her plant keeps tachyons from entering the surface. Tachyons  are the first of matter created at  the birth of our universe. They hold The strongest connection to source energy. Other crystals that are effective in planting with the Cintamani stone are Goshanite, Morganite, and quartz(Tibetan quarts is the best) Goddess energy penetrates energy to body from many of these. Sapphire is good for personal protection.

Galactic Supernova and Solar Micro Nova Event

        The galactic super cycle lasts for billions of years. There are many other cycles also converging including our own Milky Way galactic cycle where we are aligning with the heart of the galactic Central sun. Outbursts of super waves create multi dimensional portals connected to source which affects the earths scalar fields As well as changing the earth ‘s magnetic polarity Which in turn reverses the magnetic field of the whole galaxy. As I mentioned before our own galactic cycle is like an expansion and contraction like a beating heart lasting a total of 26,000 years. It takes three years to complete a total magnetic polar shift. All galaxies have their own cycles except for a small percentage of safer galaxies that do  not. Science has been able to measure isotopes from ice core samples on our planet that show A huge spike 12,910 years ago. This was an extinction event where by 90% of large animals we’re gone. Before this event Siberia had a warm climate.

      (these were not the exact images Cobra used but they are a graphic illustration of the cycles he was talking about)We are culminating with this galactic cycle now. In 1998 at the time of the winter solstice the sun aligned with the galactic equator. The transition period of this cycle is from 1975 to 2025. 

       Many cycles are converging and coming together strengthening their effect and facilitating the event. When the magnetic field reverses there is a planetary polar shift which affects the oceans, creating tsunami’s which are a natural purification of the planet. It also has the effects of erasing memory.The level of the last one 12,000 years ago was a severe one measuring a number eight (from a chart that was shown showing the severity from 1 to 10 of the past cycles that occurred).

        Before this shift, The galactics will have motherships allowing people to evacuate. (At past conferences, Cobra has talked about a vast underground area underneath northern Taiwan that could house around 3 billion people)

This has already happened in the past and stories, legends and myths of the past reflect this such as the Noah’s ark story from the bible. Archon invasions have erased peoples memory of these. The book, The Adam and Eve Story  written 60 or 70 years ago was confiscated by the CIA and now released which includes the science of the how and why and the consequences of the polar shift. This galactic super wave sends Electromagnetic waves to our sun which activates it and creates the solar flash affecting all physical and non-physical matter which reverses the earths magnetic field. This polar shift is happening faster and faster reaching an intermediate phase. In the year 2000 the stabilization of the magnetic field quickened. We started losing about 1 to 2% of magnetic strength per year and now have lost 25% of the strength of our magnetic field and by 2025 its strength it is expected to drop to zero. 

       We are currently Close to a peak of a seven year solar cycle culminating in 2024.

       (Cobra showed graphs of the Carrington  and Charlemagne cycles.) 

The Charlemagne cycle has a 1000 year cycle and predicts that this solar flash has a 65% chance of happening in the next two years. 

         With the combination of strengthening solar flares And the decreasing magnetic field weaking enough  collapses and reverses The magnetic polarity whereby the earths inner ( magnetic) mantle Cannot hold on to the earths crust and thus there is a shifting between the two creating tsunami‘s on the surface. The cabal has been preparing for this by building bunkers in the higher mountains but they will not survive. The cabal has been keeping this information secret for fear of losing control of the population . 

         The light forces have not been in a hurry for the Event to happen. They are putting brakes on the process for the surface population to be as ready as possible to eliminate unnecessary drama. Many LF are around the sun and earth to regulate the polar shift. The magnetic field around the earth affects and supports our brain, which the brain needs in order to function. Artificial magnetic fields have been created to counteract this with not good results.

       Before the last shift, before Atlantis, the equator circled the planet in an entirely new location and is considering the “goddess equator“… Circling through Lebanon,  Paris, Stonehenge, Across to New York. Many of the goddess temples that existed were rebuilt by the Romans. In some places the foundations still remain. 

Dynamics of the portal 2025

Many are thinking in the same time frame as i have talked about. -1975-2025. These are just estimates where the future is unknown and there is always room for change. (Drunvalo Melchizedek talked about this same window of years as when an ascension event would happen. Many thought 2012 was THE year for that)

The fall of western Civilization

There is a computer program that is much the same as what Cobra’s sources have provided, which calculates that   the  year

2024.676 , (end of September) is this the end of this cycle of the time that the shift/reset will occur.

(Image of astrological chart showing powerful aspects including a major trine and many other aspects between Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and several important minor stars.

         The three outer planets are changing signs creating very powerful aspects which is and will have a great effect on us, now and in the next few years.

Pluto in Aquarius is and will be affecting us in spiritual ways. The last time Pluto entered Aquarius, approximately 500 years ago the French and the American revolution occurred. Pluto will have the effect of bringing all lies to the surface and bringing the suppressed subconsciousness to the light. This is happening now as the big banks are in very trouble, which includes the collapse of the Suisse Bank . The financial system which is based on lies will collapse. We have had what is called a fractional reserve system where the banks hold a small percentage (10%) of their assets physically. This has worked in theory but with the increased amount of paper money introduced into the system the banks hold less and less of their assets….. approaching 0%. This creates major inflation, and big social unrest, and with the increased solar activity, this unrest is becoming out of control. This was unexpected by the cabal.

Pluto is in a very strong aspect to the other planets and stars, which has the effect of increasing Pleiadian activity in society. Uranus is entering Aries which will bring about a whole new cycle as Aries is the beginning of the astrological calendar which will bring about new spiritual initiations. Uranus will have a strong aspect to the Pleiades in Gemini which will affect an explosion of energy.

 Neptune will be entering Aries in 2024 trining Pluto, affecting a spiritual renaissance 

(an outer planet).      Strongly aspecting which Will bring a return of the clarion energies to the planet, ever vacant for the most part since the time of  Atlantis

(an outer planet   Entering Scorpio and creating a train with other voters, bringing in a New Age

All astrological activity prior to 2020 was quite boring. In 2020 there were powerful aspects,(outlined at the 2019 conference) Which ushered in a quarantine within a quarantine All this astrological activity will be supporting Lightworkers.

Graph displayed showing the outer planets converging over a 500 year cycle

This shows very strong ascension energies in the last half of 2024. There is also a coinciding Sirius cycle. . 

Another six-year cycle within the 19 75–20 25 cycle is connecting us to the galactic central sun where there are highly Evolved Light.  Since 1996 the cintamani stone has helped bring the Sirius portal to earth. (the Cintamani stone originated from a planet that was orbiting Sirius B)


The physics of the quarantine

        Ever since 26,000 years ago, after the last super wave, the light forces have been focusing on the earth for two reasons

  1. The planet is located in an  important position close to a Stargate. 2) It has good conditions for life, the right ratio of land mass to water, The length of day and night, and the length of the year. The dark forces have wanted the planet for themselves, as the chimera have claimed it and have taken certain Light forces as hostages. They have created illusory freedom as many feel free. This sense of freedom has collapsed during the pandemic that they created.      The electromagnetic fence that permits light and energy from entering is slowly disintegrating

The physics of the quarantine is based  at a quantum (sub atomic) scale. (Cobra explained this physics in much more detail and clarity than I was able to follow and take notes of) Basically the structure of the atom i.e. electrons and nucleus is changed. Inside the quantum foam, there is a shift at the sub atomic scale. With the quantum meeting the quantum random forces (anomaly?) They are able  to manifest matter preventing light from being present or entering. Since 1996 they have transported anomaly here creating it difficult for space navigation.  The Quantum anomaly in Quantum space is gathered  and shipped to earth’s  surface. The light forces are safe in hyper space but not in regular space surrounding our planet. Many Pleiadian ships are forced to shut down which is what happened in the Roswell crash.

Convoluted anomaly distorts reality. This is unique to earth as we can feel the quantum anomaly. Sub quantum anomaly is not known of in main stream physics. It is undetectable and exists at the smallest level. Even smaller then planks formula which in main stream physics is the smallest particle that can possibly exist. It is an unseen force distorted in space-time reality and was generated from previous cosmic cycles. The light forces are clearing more and more and there will be progress as the May 1 Portal of Light Activation brings a great amount of light and energy to the planet.

Black Holes

     The space inside a black hole does not exist in normal space-time. It is extremely compacted matter such as if the earth smash exist in the size of the palm of your hand. The time that it takes for a black hole to evaporate is 1 billion to the 12th degree in years. Most physicists do not understand that particles can travel faster than light. The light forces have developed a quantum cannon that projects energies that can break up a black hole placing a wormhole between two black holes disintegrating the black holein a relatively much much shorter time. We do not have much time, only a few short years to clear everything… as things are getting intense. The anomaly influences human behavior. More clearing will happen as the energy flows from the galactic central sun.(Especially after the May 1st portal activation)

Toplet Bombs

The toplet bomb technology originally came from Orion. The light forces have  cleared all of the toplet bombs from the rest of the universe and solar system, but not from earth. (Cobra explained the basic science of the Technology yet I was not able to totally follow and take thorough notes at the same time) A new particle is created by making two nuclei from two different atoms  colliding creating a totally different type of particle.(cobra mentioned “stranglet” and “quark”) This particle attracts and pulls in atoms from around it and grows. All the atoms change into “top quarks”.  If a toplet  bomb went off on the planet,, the planet would become a top quark the size of a 100 meter wide ball. When toplet bombs are eliminated from The planet, there will be victory of the light.

Scalar Matrix

                   The 3-D false matrix reality is a frequency created as an electromagnetic standing wave, that has an affect on the consciousness of the people on a planetary scale that greatly affects the human aura.On each plane it can create false beliefs conditions programmings and blueprints of disease. It includes the implants that all humans have been implanted with. The two implants just above Each eyebrow on the frontal lobe blocks our connection to source and blocks our Freewill initiative. The one near the naval Suppresses our emotions and blocks our kundalini energy. It also creates a separation between our sexual energy and our heart energy and between the masculine and feminine nature. It has the effect of creating separation in humans and separation between males and females. 

( image of all the many dimensions and planes was shown, the same one displayed at other Conferences)

         A vast portion of this technology has been removed. The light forces have cracked the Lords of Karma, which the Cabal has engineered for 26,000 years. This process has allowed preparation for our ascension and started in February. The light forces have cleared the lower mantle plane and the higher astral plane and are cleaning as much and as fast as possible. The main problem now is on the emotional and physical plane. Many are experiencing transformation yet the physical has to be cracked open (for our ascension process to be efffective)

It is a strong program that has created this 3D false matrix reality. This has been created as an electromagnetic frequency around the earth and our body blocking kundalini and suppressing emotions. If humans are able to process their emotions they can liberate themselves, as the un processed emotional energy blocks and inhibits kundalini. The most effective thing humans can do is to give up their cell phones. This suppression of The emotional body has created an energy hole run by AI For the last 26,000 years.  Specific operation led by the Orions in 1996 has steered humans with a scaler Netwerk signal through cell phones. Many in US and elsewhere have been herded to a certain goal but the Cabal does not have total influence on our free will. One of the main mechanics to maintain The quarantine on the planet is the separation of twins souls. A real connection between male and female can crack the matrix. The Cabal has in effect replaced spirituality with technology in youth. On April 1 there was an attack upon I Lightworkers and the light forces made a counterattack by making a partial crack in the main frame of the computer that runs the matrix.

above right photo – diagram of Twin Soul Meditation from previous conference

False matrix

        In our transition from 3D  through a 4 D portal to the fifth dimension it will be like a new universe. It will be the strongest experience we ever had and no one is really prepared. All shifts we have had in the past we’re just one step to the event. The change we are in now towards the event is logarithmic. The light forces are applying more heat and energy now which is creating teEvent. You can now take something out to write on, and take some time to write down what you imagine inside could be your experience of the first day of the event. 

(Cobra gave us about 20 minutes or so to do this. Afterwords he asks us if anyone wants to share and read what they wrote. I raised my hand and shared the following:

               “ I wake up with a pure joy I never felt in my life before… Beyond happy… Full of energy and exuberance for the day. Everything feels and appears so beautiful, the colors so vibrant, the song bird singing, even the air feels clearer and more vibrant… The sky looks more blue. There is and knowing that this day is the day I was born for, dreaming of and working  all my life for. There is a knowing, in my body, and embodiment that I am free, that I am a free being… Allowed to do and enjoy whatever I feel drawn to do. To create what I am here to create. I realize also that as a soul I was always free and somehow I got sucked into living a life that was false, that was no fun…

         When I meet the first person I see, there is a recognition of souls. When I look into her eyes I am looking into a mirror. When we look into each other‘s eyes there is a recognition we have met before and that we were made to meet at this time and to help create our heaven on earth 

For ourselves, and to help and  guide others to realize and feel the same.  There is a love that permeates our souls, our cells, even without touching each other just being in each others presence we are bathed in the light and love of God. This moment is a moment in eternity. This day is the real first day of our lives. We are home, we are love, everything we see with our eyes is vase in the same light and love of God… Of love for the goddess.“

Everyone clapped when I finished as they did so with the other five shares that people shared of their imagined day of the event.

        Cover asked us to imagine the best possible scenario for the event and visualize it from now until the event happens. We are creating how it will manifest and we can do as much as possible to imagine the optimal scenario for ourselves and others and the planet… including abundance for ourselves and others.

      The resistance movement is preparing an AI, making it their own which they will release as an Internet system that will be benevolent and positive. There will be a restructuring and reset of the financial system and the news will become real. This will be released when the time is right

          Tomorrow each one of you bring a piece of gold or silver to do an abundance activation. Tomorrow we will do it some energy work around us. Tonight pay attention to your dreams.

end of day one

DAY TWO – Sunday, April 9th

Planetary Reset

        One timeline that has been  talked about a lot included a form of planetary reset in 2012. The World Economic Forum had a totally different timeline that included a comprehensive control of of the planet. This did not happen so they implemented the pandemic scenario. Since we are closer to the final breakthrough there is an increasing amount of light and increased polarity. There is much more evidence of that now with much chaos on many levels . We have been converging on the collapse of a meta-stable society which has been the same basic program being instituted for centuries, for 26,000 years, that has included the implanting of humans. As more cosmic energies come in there are more layers of the programming being exposed and for the last few years there has been more people on the planet waking up to the fact that something is wrong. There is a great percentage of people behind the scenes and creating the conditions or the event to happen. As these layers of programming and conditioning are removed the structure of the 3D false matrix is not stable anymore.

The Science of Collapse

(graph showing the science of collapse from the website ( – a great source of intel on the economy)

In 2019 we reached a point of no return where it is now physically impossible to keep the existing system running. One aspect of this is the financial system. When the cabal realized what appeared to be a losing battle they created the pandemic  to artificially stabilize the monetary system and society. All the old ways are used up. A collapse  will happen. What the light forces want is for it to happen  as harmonious as possible. There will be a collapse of the old ways of thinking but not a collapse of everything, as the infrastructure for providing food water and transportation needs to remain intact. “People need to allow a collapse of their own programming. Most people are attached to their conditioning” (which makes it hard for them to change and be open to new frequencies and ways of being)

At the time of the reset people will freak out (to the extent of the amount of programming and conditioning they still have) There will be chaos and instability.  With the collapse of beliefs (that will happen with disclosure) fear will arise. All fears must be released. (The more we can do our inner work… releasing suppressed and  unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs, mental conditioning, programming, etc. the easier it will be to open and adapt to change and receive the higher frequencies that are Reaching the planet in these times and especially at the time of the Event)

        There is more activity and energy coming to us now from the galactic’s and from the central sun which has the effect of increasing kundalini activity in the body.  There is a crisis trajectory that melts the social system at the time of the reset. The old system will collapse although there are various timelines showing various levels of reset. If the reset happens too soon there will be total collapse. If it happens too late it will take the “ middle path“  (not sure what Cobra meant by the this) If it happens at the right time there will be a stable recovery. All people seem to want it to happen now. There are 8 billion people and everyone needs to be ready. The Reset moment is a critical point for physical behavior. One way of being ready is to be able to make decisions instantly. We will understand more when it happens.

(Questions and answers) 

-The light forces will introduce more advanced technology after the event. The galactic beings also experience trauma. We must become more honest and more in alignment with our soul. It will be much easier for Islands of Light to be created after the event. End of Q&A

WEF Reset vs. Galactic Reset

         Situations are becoming more difficult where the World Economic Forum reset agenda  is clashing with the Galactic reset agenda… both have been on a 150 year trajectory. Also  the weakening magnetic field is creating problems for the mental body which has the effect of creating more unrest on the planet. The resistance movement (1995) has been bringing more info to the surface of the planet. They have developed an Internet system that will replace the Internet we have now. It will be a much freer system which will eliminate all eaves dropping, spying, and tracking of communications. All the while the dark forces have been implementing their own counter plan which includes the widespread and pervasive use of the mobile phone where everything can be tracked including all financial transactions. Their plan also includes eliminating all physical cash transactions, which started decades ago with their elimination of silver and gold back currencies. This was finalized in 1971–72 and has an increasing affect upon inflation where  the dollar has less and less value. 

The East is gathering and buying much more gold in very recent years. As the financial system collapses, silver and gold will be used to back all currencies. On the other hand the dark forces’ plan is to implement a total digital currency system which will be sanctioned by the government and will allow only legal transactions. An app on your phone will be your wealth in your wallet. At that time, if this happens,  $10,000 will only be worth $7000. The alternative plan of the life forces will be at the time of the collapse, the resistance movement will have a back door installed on the main frame of the current banking systems computers and will create a virus affect that will spread around the Internet in a matter of hours. Certain websites will stop and there will be no Cabal using the Internet. The virus will enter the financial bank data as the Rockefeller banks wealth will be erased in a matter of minutes.

System Failure

          The quarantine that is in place now is a closed system, “nothing in nothing out”. It is an entropy system with much polarity where there is a steady increase in more chaos and less abundance. (Cobra briefly talked about something called “BPM 37093 Lucy” Which I think he said who is named after the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and mentioned somethings the size of the moon and the number with 34 zeros in front of it. I apologize I did not follow or could take clear notes about this)

        True abundance connects the spiritual plane with the physical plane where physical And spiritual wealth are equal. The system now has  programmed us to be too  attached to physical matter and physical wealth.

           The coming reset ( guaranteed?) will open the gates for the flow of true abundance and create physical conditions that will reflect the beauty that is inherent in our soul nature. Physical abundance will be more convenient and comfortable and allow progress and the feeling of satisfaction (fulfillment) Physical abundance will be maintained in alignment with our spiritual growth. Abundance will open with the energy of St. Germain.

(A question and answer period followed. Cobra’s answer to one of them: The amount of  money you have  is the consequence of how connected you are to your true purpose. We should  think about what we want to manifest, what we really want in life, such as a house or a car, Islands of Light… and not be obsessed with money itself.  This is a desire instilled in us by the dark forces. (In the manifestation process, the more you can connect with what you really want to have in your life and the more those things are connected to your higher purpose, the better)

Reality Shaping.  

        The manifestation process can be viewed as this toroidal field. Everything begins with a thought, idea…. a certain impulse… the way  an architect visualizes and draws a design for a building, it is created and built. Even this conference was just an idea at one time. Most do not know (about the true nature of free will) and are not using their free will. (COBRA mentioned at the Budapest conference that the amount of true free will we have is determined for the most part on how much we are connected to our higher self and soul nature)

            Everything that exists on this planet is the sun vector of everyone’s free will. Every action and every thought creates ripples through this field of consciousness. You are far more powerful than you realize. The clearer your mind the stronger your free will. To manifest something may take some time…  The larger the goal the longer it may take to reach it.  It takes consistency and even obsession perhaps. Even for something like the Event. And yet it is important to go on with your life and to be in the present moment… Conditions will never be perfect.

Manifestation Process 

        Intention + Action = Magic

              The first step in the manifestation process is making a decision, a mental goal. Then you put emotional energy behind it I visualizing, fantasizing and imagining it happening. You can write about it or even build a 3-D model of it. Stay in a be in the present moment. The third step is to take physical action. Taking the physical steps towards manifesting your goal. Repeat these three steps and I guarantee you will manifest what you want. This process is much more effective than others. Although it depends on the amount of free will let you have. It may be a gradual process where serendipity (synchronicity) is involved.

Soul Contract Removal

Let’s repeat this together:

“In the name of the I am that I am. In the name of the divine soul presence that I am. In the name of all ascended beings of light. In the name of the galactic confederation. In the name of the central galactic center. I decree and command to cancel and nullify all my past present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of my being and the dark forces. All these contracts and agreements and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality. I am now free. All the karma of my whole being is now erased as well. I am a free sovereign being of light, from now until eternity. So be it and so it is… In Light.

(sign your name here)

The Galactic Super Wave

               The energy of love will be transforming the galaxy and the earth. This energy was not quite present until now. There is not much time left to prepare. There is a very powerful activation on May 1 at 5:06 PM UTC time. In 2021 was a  first major preparation for the age of Aquarius. This activation will have the same purpose but on a much higher level. (A youtube video was shown with The Fifth Dimension singing “Aquarius, Let the Sun Shine In”

This activation will originate in the M 87 galaxy in Virgo, which  will be in a grand trine with Uranus in ______ and Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto entered Aquarius on March 23 and will become stationary on May 1. After May 1st Pluto will be going retrograde and forward for another year and a half or so, which will be a transition period until it  fully stations in Aquarius in November 2024. This activation Will help the stabilization of this  transition period. 

(the image below is not the one shown at the conference yet it still shows the grand trine that Cobra talked about)


         ATVOR are  pillars of light with a very high vibration that transforms reality on the physical and non-physical planes. It has recently been upgraded. It is a quantum field projector, laser like, transforming the quantum anomaly near the earth.  It is used by the ascended masters for individuals and groups in their ascension process. The pillars of light will be going through our being. To invoke ATVOR we use the following invocation.

“I call upon the pillar of the pure white light to descend upon me and to form around me. I call upon the presence of the I Am That I Am. I ask  the presence of the I Am That I Am to Join and merge with me.”

             You can call upon this whenever guided to.

Ashtar Command Will be making contact with the awakened population for their individual and group ascension process in meditation and dreams.  It will be easier for the Pleiadian‘s in the next few weeks to make contact with the surface population. They have improved techniques for the general population. 

Protection meditation

          You can do this simple meditation any time you need protection. As you invoke this, visualize a blue bubble of light surrounding you. “ May a bubble of blue light surround me. May it’s light shield protect me from all negative energy. And so it is.”

              The Pleiades and Ashtar command are helping us through various means. They have given us two commands to use at our discretion when we feel called to do so. 

“Command Stardust” and 

“Command 741”.

Also they have brought tachyons to the surface population for the healing of individuals and the planet. This has been through various technologies including the Tachyon Healing chamber and the Light Mandala technology. I will let them explain their various tools and technology. (The director then spoke to us describing a little bit of the technology and some of the major tools they had displayed for the duration of the conference on a long table At the side of the auditorium where people could go and check them out, ask questions and purchase.   There was a team of people, mostly from Malaysia, knowledgeable about the products and the technology. They were quite intriguing Healing tools some of which utilized a scanner that could measure hundreds of different frequencies in the body and determine which of those frequencies were lacking, and/or could be used to heal the body by emitting it in the form of a laser type light. Some were 

More for the physical body and some were for the etheric and energy body. You can check them out on their website, 

Return of the Goddess

         This pure feminine principle comes from the Galactic Central Sun. It is a soft galactic love energy t hat we have been programmed  to believe is a weakness. If received and developed inside and shared with the population it allows for an anchoring of immense divine energy on the planet which is why the Cabal has worked so hard to inhibit it in so many ways. It is an energy of Beauty and is a pure expression of the soul in many ways. Through architecture, through art, through the body We can enjoy its expression and its connection with the soul. It flourished during the renaissance era. Many years before that in ancient societies many cultures established Sisterhood Of The Rose groups. 

(Cobra then invited anyone to get up onto the stage who wanted to start a sisterhood of the rose group. I am not sure if he mentioned Isis or not but we could feel her energy in initiating each one of us in our mission.)

           The next phase of establishing Goddess energy on the planet is to physically create Goddess temples. This is basically creating a sacred space where goddess energy can be anchored (on a permanent basis). It can even be a dedicated room that is open to the public. We are creating a net work of Sisterhood Of The Rose groups all over the planet, and many more will be created after the Event… similar to the time of Atlantis where is soul families will re-unite.

At the end, the song “Babylon” was played where people got up on the stage and started dancing… along with Cobra! The mood and vibration was very uplifting and energetic… a feeling of celebration and victory was in the air.



30 thoughts on “Ascension Conference – Taipei, April 8 & 9

  1. Thank you! Really enjoyed reading this. Am wondering if the sky is a veil and that veil disappears one day what can we expect to see?

  2. Very interesting, many things I already knew but others not. There is one thing I don’t understand: there is talk of magnetic reversal of the poles, which will cause large tsunamis, with the relative intervention of evacuation of the population by the galactics, but then at the same time there is talk of a new benevolent internet system, of global reform of the financial system and other reforms in all areas of human life. But how can this be reconciled (even chronologically) with the planetary evacuation due to the inversion of the poles? The two things seem irreconcilable to me.

  3. that is a good question and a good concern to have. Cobra has addressed these time lines before at previous conferences which also dovetail into what others are talking about. At this conference he didn’t really make it as clear as before. Basically there will be two different types of major resets… the first one being the Event where things will be allowed to improve and reform immensely on the planet including the things you mention. After a relatively short period ( several years, 3 to 4, Cobra has hinted at) there will be a great cleansing of Everything on the planet, which in the past has happened (in approx 26,000 year cycles) when the magnetic poles reverse… coinciding with a solar flash/pulse… triggering the mantle of the earth to shift around from the crust creating earthquakes and tsunamis (check out and also others are giving similar scenarios).
    This is when the galactics will have motherships available as well as underground cities (cobra has talked about such a one underneath northern Taiwan that can house millions of people if not more. Stay tuned for day 2 when i i share his intel

  4. I had posted a previous comment congratulating your excellent article on the COBRA conference, these notes are simply amazing, a pity that I think my previous comment did not appear (because I created an account just thanks.. lol) but anyway so looking forward to the 2nd Peter 😉 I hope I can read it soon hahahaha, this day 2 of the conference there are many topics that interest me a lot, in fact in the previous comment I made it clear why I could never go to such a conference , but still Victory of the light may the goddess bless us all.

    • i think your first comment is below?. Thank you, Thank you so much for your appreciation…. ………When i see and feel words like yours it makes me appreciate my work more (and encourages me to finish my notes and perhaps post more of my writings… for after all, that is the bottom line… to share and transmit the energy….. which is in the words. As for your comments ( in the first one too) about not being able to attend the conference… that is in the past…. the future is unlimited as long as the mind does not limit it. Our words and thoughts hold our beliefs in place,… and yes, the Goddess is blessing us all. Notes will be completed by beginning of the week. Victory is yours/ours if you/we claim it! ….P.S. I was in Sao Paulo for Cobra’s conference in 2019

  5. Thank you very much for these notes. There is a lot of new info here. Did Cobra mention the benefits of Command 741, or is that a typo and should read 771 for emotional healing? Thank you!

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