Crystal Implant Removal Protocol




 Background on Implants & toplet bombs, including recent Cobra interview intel                                                                                                                                    In a recent Cobra interview with Hoshino, Jedi and Patrick on March 20th, Cobra stated that “Right now the toplet bombs are only within implants. This is the only location where they are still remaining. Inside implants, inside the energy field of human beings. Deep within the implants, there is a black hole singularity and this is where the toplet bombs are.”

It is understood and Cobra has mentioned many times that the existence of toplet bombs are the largest and last remaining obstacle that is keeping the Event from happening.

Removing the toplet bombs is also what the Light Forces have been relentlessly working on for a number of years and the process is very involved, sophisticated and has to be done with precaution. The progress has been sure and steady albeit maybe slow in the eyes of the surface population. Already the toplet bombs were first removed from all areas of our solar system, and then from the area around the earth up to the diameter of the orbit of the moon…then slowly from around the surface of the planet up to a distance of 30 meters (in 2018). The nature and reason why toplet bombs are a serious threat to our planet and survival and also the reason why sensitivity has had to be used in their removal is because if for some reason they were triggered by the Chimera group, it would create a chain reaction that would result in the total mass of the earth (and everything on it) would be reduced to the size of a sphere about 100 meters in diameter. 


The Meditiation/protocol                                                                                                         This is a meditation that Cobra gave us at the Ascension Conference in Taipei, Taiwan on March 11th and 12th  of 2017.  I did not include this meditation in my notes of the conference that were approved by Cobra to release on my blog at that time. Cobra said this meditation can be effective in inhibiting the negative effects of these etheric implants that just about everyone on the plane has. At he time of the Event, these implants which are actually black holes that connect us to the primary anomaly will be eliminated in us all. At the Ascension Conference in May of 2018, in Taipei, Cobra asked if anyone remembers this crystal implant protocol and could stand up and explain it to everyone. I raised my hand and proceeded to give this meditation protocol to everyone in the hall.(300+ lightworkers)


  “Relax your body and become aware of your breathing. Use any method you choose to calm your mind, such as watching your breath. Visualize or imagine yourself inside a crystal as in the drawing, with the apex of the crystal at the soul star chakra and the bottom point of the crystal at the earth star chakra… each chakra being 12 to 18 inches above and below the body respectively. The six upper points of the crystal are at the level of the heart chakra and the 6 lower points at the level of the root chakra. Visualize the implants of your frontal lobe implants just above the brow of each eye, slightly inside the surface of your head.  Visualize the implant in your solar plexus about 2 inches above the navel. Visualize these 14 points of the crystal and the 3 points of the implants as emanating a  blue light. Keep all 17 point of light in your minds eye…. and keep the visualization  going as consistently as you can for 10 to 15 minutes. If your mind wanders, simply bring your attention back to the visualization.”

This meditation is not a quick fix procedure and one that has to be done on a somewhat consistent basis. I feel it has the potential as Cobra has stated to minimize  substantially the negative effects of the 3 major implants. The major effect of the frontal lobe implants  is to keep us separate from our Higher Self  and soul nature and our Divinity/Source/Sophia/God. The major effect of our solar plexus implants is to maintain the duality and polarity of our inner masculine and inner feminine separate and out of balance as well as keeping us from embodying our divine feminine and divine masculine nature and having them balance each other…. as each gender has both. This has the effect of keeping women separate from men and relating to each other as divine souls. 

Awareness as Shelter from the Endgame Madness

thank you Cobra for this ‘reality check”! For some reason i feel woken up by this post..Much valuable intel here. I think many of us lightworkers have been thinking and explaining the CV away by saying it is “fear porn”…. which it is in a way, yet it is also a physical reality as much as a bio weapon. Ultimately, as Cobra says here and as what others have been saying, it is something that will result in an acceleration of our individual and planetary ascension process. In the mean time we must do what we must do….to engage our will, hold the light in our hearts, ground ourselves in nature, start mega dosing on vitamin C (me and my close ones are on 10+ grams a day as part of our own personal health regimen that we started before the CV outbreak) and meditate! Meditate in your own way and meditate with the many groups holding collective meditations…. especially on this spring equinox… and especially on April 4th. Meditation can take many forms and can be as simple as being aware of your breathing and watching your thoughts…. watch them slow down. It can be a prayer, an invocation to receive, or as Cobra offers, listening to the birds singing. Do you think the birds are worried?

As Kaia Ra says though, do not deny your worry or your fear or whatever you are feeling… your feelings can be a way towards listening to your heart. This is a time of personal transformation as much as a planetary one. It feels like a great wake up call to us all, and a way to bring us together. We are all in this together yet we must all stand in our own individual sovereignty as free beings and not be afraid to be all we can be and do all we can do in these times… to expand our comfort zones, invoke our higher selves, whatever that means to you, in order to have a greater sphere of influence. The mass meditations coming up, if reaching high enough numbers (at least the critical mass of 144,000 for the April 4th one) can change and speed up the timeline towards the Event and our Ascension path. Om Mani Padme Hum

Cobra’s latest blog post is a must read!