Awareness as Shelter from the Endgame Madness

thank you Cobra for this ‘reality check”! For some reason i feel woken up by this post..Much valuable intel here. I think many of us lightworkers have been thinking and explaining the CV away by saying it is “fear porn”…. which it is in a way, yet it is also a physical reality as much as a bio weapon. Ultimately, as Cobra says here and as what others have been saying, it is something that will result in an acceleration of our individual and planetary ascension process. In the mean time we must do what we must do….to engage our will, hold the light in our hearts, ground ourselves in nature, start mega dosing on vitamin C (me and my close ones are on 10+ grams a day as part of our own personal health regimen that we started before the CV outbreak) and meditate! Meditate in your own way and meditate with the many groups holding collective meditations…. especially on this spring equinox… and especially on April 4th. Meditation can take many forms and can be as simple as being aware of your breathing and watching your thoughts…. watch them slow down. It can be a prayer, an invocation to receive, or as Cobra offers, listening to the birds singing. Do you think the birds are worried?

As Kaia Ra says though, do not deny your worry or your fear or whatever you are feeling… your feelings can be a way towards listening to your heart. This is a time of personal transformation as much as a planetary one. It feels like a great wake up call to us all, and a way to bring us together. We are all in this together yet we must all stand in our own individual sovereignty as free beings and not be afraid to be all we can be and do all we can do in these times… to expand our comfort zones, invoke our higher selves, whatever that means to you, in order to have a greater sphere of influence. The mass meditations coming up, if reaching high enough numbers (at least the critical mass of 144,000 for the April 4th one) can change and speed up the timeline towards the Event and our Ascension path. Om Mani Padme Hum

Cobra’s latest blog post is a must read!


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