The best IS yet to come

we knew things were not what they seem… as often is the case…. and we knew
things were brewing behind the scenes… as also is often the case. This article is about those “things”. As the saying goes, the truth sometimes is sometimes stranger than fiction. Some of that “fiction” has been the United States Corporation acting as a pseudo ‘democracy” since 1871. May the “best is yet to come” finally come……

The Dark Mother … off planet and on and Inside us all

As Carl Jung said, (paraphrased) “One does not become enlightened by imagining the light but by making the dark conscious” . Lisa Rene does not shy from exposing the Dark… which is and has been heavily prevalent on and off planet and inside us for a long time. Read with an open mind and heart. Breathe……

Life Force Global news. An eye opener on current affairs of state with details.

As the song goes, “Revolution is in the air” … a revolution that will result in our long lost dear freedom and sovereignty.

A very intelligent report on the juicy developments just developing