Sophia Healing


                                                                                     photo by Kaori, Lido Key, Florida

       In the Sea of a million drops of holy water

I baptize myself… moving through the waves

that wash and cleanse the thousand tears of pain

and separateness that i have lived in…

       In the Sun Light of a million photons

I baptize my self, allowing its holy light

to enlighten the eight great  fears 

i’ve felt in the many dark nights of the soul.

       In the pranic Air of fresh breezes

I breathe the holy spirit into the holy spirit of me

to fully feel & re member all the lost parts of me

created by the amnesia of my pain and suffering.

On a million grains of sand,  i stand with my 

inner child who  knows only of its innocence..

And like a mother, who knows only of compassion 

for her lost child… i hold him….

& create a connection with my Phoenix Child within,

      And feel the power of “my I Am Presence for-

give myself for every moment  in the amnesia of 

my unconscious wounds” 

and feel  “the cleansing waters of my Holy Spirit 

baptize me from all the suffering of my past”

This baptizing, this great holding and forgiving 

that lies at the heart of all true healing…

connects me to my Higher Self… My Holy Spirit,

and can happen on any day, in any way, at any time,

yet is greatly facilitated by a conscious participation 

with the sacred Elements…divine embodiments of Gaia

and through the grace & mentorship with an Ascended Master.

This is  my initiation by QuanYin, who I’ve felt

and connected with many times before…

yet now feeling her as a close mentor as

a Divine Feminine Master of Sophia’s Dragon Tribe.

             Om Mani Padme Hum

Sophia, who can come in many forms 

only exists as One, in Oneness…

Who can be known by many names

yet has no name…

Who can appear as a thousand suns… 

yet creates from the dark womb of no thing.

quotes are from page 261 of “The Sophia Code”. 

A Living Transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe