An Urgent Call to Light Workers

                                             An Urgent Call to Light Workers                                                                                                    Hello, my name is Peter Reed and I am looking for a partner to help me carry out  a specific mission  recommended by the Light Forces for having a tachyon healing chamber in a specific area outside of Los Angeles, California.   the timing of which has been described as urgent and critical as in a matter of days and weeks, not months. The special reason for this location is that it is in an area where the veil above that surrounds our planet, is thinner. This would allow a freer flow of tachyons to reach the surface of the planet. I can reveal the specific location that the Light Forces have recommended a tachyon chamber to be placed near, (as “closet as possible”) via Tutanota email only. My plan is to rent a 2 or 3 bedroom house that will provide for a separate room for the chamber and provide a service to offer tachyon healing sessions to the public and also a place to live for me and the partner that will help run the services. I briefly share my experiences I have had of the tachyon chamber in my last Facebook post. –

My current situation is that i live in Florida and cannot immediately  relocate, but am willing to make the necessary trips (if necessary) to help expedite  finding and renting a place. In the future (several months) i am willing to relocate there. This mission can provide for earning a small income from a  business that renders  tachyon chamber healing services (and possibly other related services and products)

The partner I am looking for should  be a sincere light worker somewhat familiar with our planetary situation Cobra’s work and with Tachyon energy and be motivated for the liberation of out planet.  Familiarity with energy healing would be a plus. They will have to be physically present to do the initial ground work in everything that is entailed in renting a suitable place. (with my part time help making trips to the area).  The rent in the specific area is very high.  Unfortunately i do not have the funds to set this up in the time frame requested by the Light Forces, so I am asking for additional funding from  an additional party (see below) There are other qualifications and considerations I have for such a partner that can be addressed and discussed in a timely manner. 

If you know any such light worker that would be interested in such a mission, please let them know and forward this blog post to them.  if you are such a person, then you may have a “knowing” or feeling inside, perhaps in your heart, as I did when I first heard about this mission… please contact me so we can discuss further.

This mission is to facilitate our Victory of the Light!                                                 Peter Reed 941 323 6661

                                    An Urgent Call for Funding of This Mission- revised                                                                   Because of both the urgency and expense of  this mission as well as my own lack of funds, I am asking for funding of this mission. … primarily for the renting of a house suitable  to live and house the chamber and to open up a service for clients to experience a tachyon healing session. As mentioned above the housing rental market in  the specific area requested by the light forces is very high.  One web site states that   “The median rent in “xxxxxxxx”  is $9,450. That’s $7,981 above the national average rent of $1,469″. Another site says that the average 3 bedroom apartment rents for $5,896On the 3 closest houses to the specific area were a 2 bedroom for $6.5K, a 3 BR for $7.5K. A little farther away there is an unfurnished 2 BR house for $4.6K. For a one year lease that would amount to $54K. A security deposit of $4.5K. My plan/idea is to build out a space in the unfinished garage to either house the chamber or for conversion to a bedroom. I could do this (I am a carpenter and building contractor) for about $4K. To furnish the house minimally from a  Goodwill may be about $2K. All these expenses would total $66K The minimal income from the services rendered would go towards utilities and basic operating expenses .  . I currently do not see the need for this center to be opened for more than a year, although I could be wrong. It would be wonderful if it could continue. There are so many signs that The Event will happen in 2020. There are a number of very signifiant astrological aspects occurring in 2020 that are being talked about that are very transformational in nature that could be an opening to trigger the COmpression BReAthrough.    My personal info as to who I am, such as curriculum  vitae can be furnished. The $66k is  the amount I am requesting from a donor that views this mission as having the potential to make a difference and significant change, not just in the lives of people who come to experience both the consciousness expansion and openings and  healing benefits, but more importantly the planetary situation.  My view is that it has the possibility to affect the time line to The Event. .

Just to be clear, this request for funding is separate and in addition to,  the above call for another light worker to help with the mission. There’s no reason this can’t be a team effort, with more than one donor or more than one other person joining with me to set up the base of operation and run the services. Cobra has mentioned at more than one of his Ascension Conferences (I have been to 5 total) that non cooperation and fighting among the light worker population has been a factor that has impeded the progress towards the Event. It would be good  if more of us could “remember our mission” and come together to do what it takes for the liberation of our planet.  There will be celebrating as well as much work to do after the Event, yet the work we can do now is critical… this mission can be viewed as critical.

                                                           Victory Of The Light !