Planetary Update from the Internal Realms

this is pretty cool


1.26. 8.5: Yellow Cosmic Seed, Kin 104–(fractal of Venus cycle 104,000 years)

What is happening on the planet?

It depends on which thinking layer you are tuned into.

I recently returned from a 26-day solitary retreat in the mountains. Being completely unplugged from all external input, I was contemplating the next stages of the galactic mission in relation to our current planetary process with its radiation, pollution, earth changes, economic collapse, war, etc.

Much focus is given to the external appearances but little to what is happening on the inner planes. Everyone is trying to “think” of solutions to our planetary predicament. But, ironically to find the solutions we have to collectively go beyond (human) thinking.  According to Aztec legends, Tetzatlipoca, god of death and destruction will rise to the fullness of his power and then will suddenly remove his jade mask and reveal his true nature: Quetzalcoatl God(dess) of Peace!

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