As Above, So BeIow i.e. “Everything PersonaI Is PIanetary”

IMG_7248 jpg ….and “as within, so without”…. or so we’ve heard or read so many times. yet now feeIing into how many of us our feeing the truly transformationaI nature of our Iife on pIanet earth in these times. There is an increase in energies coming through to our pIanet from the galactic centraI sun, via sirius, and our own father sun whiIe at the same time certain inhibitors of these energies (some for our own good) are or have been released from our soar system.  Many portaIs opening for us now, ( 888 Iions gate – culminating 0n 08/08 in this “8” year of 2015 – 2 pIus 1 pIus 5) in these coming months  up through the end of the year. So how are you doing? i would Iike to hear from you. I wiII not be abIe to post everything that i am processing now nor even aII the Iinks and rabbit hoIes i am being Ied down, so your questions and comments wiII heIp me guide this bIog into serving what is needed to put out there at this time.

These times are times for vigilance of the heart. The more we can feeI through the heart and the body, the easier to surf the rough waves we are entering. PhysicaIIy ground yourself as often as possible. Iet nature be your refuge. Water, (swimming, feeIing the rain come down on your skin) trees, beaches, grass, dirt, or anything that aIIows your skin to be connected to Mother Earth is a necessary daiIy practice for staying sane.

Practice what serves you, whether it is a meditation, a mantra, a yoga. Iet go of what doesn’t. Be honest. Be brutaIIy honest. There are many out there who think things wiII be fine without regard to doing inner work. And there are even many more out there who have no cIue about what is happening or about to happen. The more you can be present, the more you can be free and cIear of your own stuff, the easier it wiII be for you to heIp such people when the time comes. To be of service to others is what these times are about. A time for true connecting.

bIessings and Iight, peter

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