JUDY CRESS UPDATE : When time arrives we will reconnect to our own fully mature Higher self

these words a breath of fresh air, laced with revitalized chi





I just posted latest earth picture . If you read my posts I explain what is happening to all of us now.We all, EVERYONE included are having our essential essence cleaned & cleared of a terrible Rage,sorrow & great fear we have experienced as POW. This is part of the announcement in June -earth was towed to the gate & the second part of this process would begin.This clearing of dark energy is necessary for safe passage HOME.is the 2nd part of the process,we are still releasing very difficult stuff -because doubt,confusion & tons of similar crap is in this too.




The projection of the releasing energies projects on to other’s in crazy ways,all this is just drama from our ego’s because we just do not innerstand and can’t. This is crappy so relax & listen in silence to innerstand, WE are not having our ego//personality/personal…

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