I AM Returned… yet not “back”

… for two reasons … 1) as we can never “go back” to the same place or time we were before.. everything changes. Our circular path around the sun is not a circle but a spiral… following our sun’s path around the Galactic Central Sun.
… 2) My heart is still in Taiwan …or more accurately Taiwan is in my heart. I miss the beautiful souls i connected and re connected with as they are in my heart as well.
June page, from my I Love Taiwan 2018 Calendar
We are forever changed… transformed, in our journeying

Cobra’s Ascension Conference in Taipei on May 12 & 13, was a game changer, for me, for the 350 Light Workers from around the world who attended, and for the many thousands of souls we will in some way touch and connect with. Since then i have posted and shared on my FB page some of my experiences, images, inspiration, and learnings, from the the conference and my 13 days there. https://www.facebook.com/peter.reed.9022/posts/10156236688234799?notif_id=1527322318830005&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic

I also have hard copies of my new I Love Taiwan 2018 calendar for any one wishing a gift from me. If you are in the USA, just send me your physical address. If outside the USA, send me the appropriate postage. Working on creating a PDF booklet format Front 2018 JPGmarch 2018 through February 2019 (basically the Chinese year)

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