Oh My Budapest. I Miss You So…

             Oh my Budapest, I miss you so… Generally not fond of spending much time in cities,  Each of my 11 days there, you grew upon me… becoming more familiar with the comforts and amenities you afford the millions that flock to see and taste your delights you offer, from the ease of getting around, a thousand cafes, coffee shops and restaurants to the real Old World architecture and statues that exude an incomparable beauty I’ve never seen before.


My cathedrals were your thermal hot spring spas I sought refuge in,for healing and nurturing my body and soul.  Eight trips to enjoy and feed upon their medicinal waters… to lounge in the feeling of being held… while gazing at the sky and sunlight.  I felt a connection to the the temple priestesses living directly below your surface as part of the Agarthan network, who Cobra said are very much connect to these waters…As I did not eat much during the days, I felt fed by fresh Prana… feeling full and enlivened.


My dad would have loved you I’m sure if he had visited. I felt his presence and a great missing of him, as i did not get to spend much time with him this time around, yet i know he traveled Europe and had a liking for city life. I got to spend some day trips with him when i was 5 and 6 to the City Of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, one of the few cities around the world i ever spent much time in.                                                                                                                                    One thing i will miss dearly is being in the Soul Family conference and being with so many like minded souls coming together for a common purpose…. listening to Cobra’s info on subjects dear to my heart.                                                                                                           Some other things:. Stopping by the Salad Box for soup and salad dinner many times. Having the 4 bedroom Jazzy Vibes Hostel all to myself, with kitchen for tea and food prep. Evening coffees working on my conference notes. Walking…. yes walking all around town, along the streets taking in the amazing architecture, walking through parks, and walking across the bridges and gazing out at the wide Danube river.


I will miss seeing the thousand  faces I glimpsed and gazed at… the many youthful, the aged, and the many multi – ethnic from all over including Asia. The hundreds of photos I took try to show the beauty and the connection and energy I felt, including the Goddess presence. Cobra also said that there is a strong Goddess presence connected to the ancient Lengyel culture that is now being reactivated by the Light of the Cosmic Central Sun and the beings from there that have recently focused their attention upon the ancient Lengyel Goddess sites as well as our planet.

          May you, Budapest, continue to be a portal of Love and Light in the world through the strong connection of the Goddess that is there and in the surrounding country. 

The Liberty Statue commemorating independence, freedom, and prosperity of Hungary.

                Victory Of the Light…. Victory of the Goddess!

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