ISLANDS OF LIGHT, part 1, Standing Free on an Island of Shifting Sands & Dreams

Yes, I Am, standing free on my own  island of shifting sands and dreams….                           An island i have chose to be on, and perhaps created in my dreaming….                         The Light of my truths shine brightly here, which include as well, the truths of my wounding… which We all have, which are felt acutely when we let go and surrender to the reality of our limitations of our human nature. The Buddhists say it is all an illusion, which is true on one level, yet in our embodied awakening, we cannot deny what is present for us by just saying so.  It is said that we create our own reality, which is also true, yet one of the truths we have to awaken to is to realize that our “creating” has been based on and conditionings and beliefs created by sophisticated technological programming and implanting that has stripped us of our true sovereignty, with limited free will.  Free will that  we had as beings divinely created in Sophia’s (or God’s) image….. The Matrix trilogy of movies portray this very acutely and accurately.  A more light hearted portrayal, yet still with a dramatic effect, is shown in The Truman Show movie.




scene from The Truman Show

So my woundings and failings i still take full responsibility for, and through self forgiveness, i lessen, and eventually release the grip they have held upon me. Rumi said that “The Wound is where the Light enters”…. and forgiveness  opens us to that Light and Love that allows healing to occur. Much of  our wounding is based on separation from our true selves, from our Soul, which is basically separation from Sophia/Source/God.

              me swimming off the island                                                                                .          I have swum many seas, feeling cleansed and renewed, held and nurtured….         I have crossed oceans, looking for love and teachings to heal woundings and remember who I Am.  I feel more at home around bodies of water, and i feel less separate when immersed in them. Water is the great purifier, and my body and soul takes refuge in the divine Element. Quan Yin, “She of a thousand waters”, through the transmission of The Sophia Code, by Kaia Ra, has helped me immensely….                                                        “By the power of my I Am Presence, I now forgive myself for every moment of life lost in the amnesia of my unconscious wounds”. p. 261

….. Being on my own island affords me the quiet and silence to listen to my own dreaming…. and receive the truths and dreaming of others that wash my way….. in their purity…. and allows me to filter out what is not real for me.    Yet I have spent enough time on my own islands and am ready to connect with my soul family and create our own Island Of Light. Many of us are starting to remember and awaken enough to our own Soul, so that we can recognize another soul and feel a true connection….       a connection we had in the past and can create from for our future.

  The creation of Islands of Light around the planet, re-unioning of soul families, will basically be self sustaining spiritual communities, free and sovereign from any vestiges of 3D matrix programmed structures, and will be in essence “Bubbles of Heaven”…. the initial manifestations of creating Heaven on Earth




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