Invitation to start Sisterhood Of The Rose groups

Invitation to create SOTR groups

In the afternoon of the second day of the confernece, Cobra asked for anyone who wanted to start a SOTR group in their physical area to come up on the stage. Previously he talked about the requirements for starting a group, which was basically there has to be a minimum of 3 people physically present to meet once a week in a physcial location. He will be putting info on his blog about this as well as links to the Goddess meditations that are recomended to do at the physical meeeting. He said that we could also use our inner guidence to include other meditations and activities. Through out the conference Cobra talked about  different  subjects having to do with the Goddess and the Goddess energy. I will be sharing my notes about all of these as soon as i can put them together on my computer and publish them on my blog.

Many went up to the stage and slowly it was filled with so many people …. too many to form one circle so we had to form two circles, one inside the other… we all held hands and i felt very connected to the two beings on either side of me and then slowly felt connected to many others in the large group, on a physical level and at a soul level.

Cobra placed the eight orange roses that i had brought for The Goddess for the conference on the second day on  the small white table in the middle of the circle that was used throughout the two days where  he placed a large moldavite crystal in the shape of a chalice (bowl).

He mentioned that Isis Astara was there and he will be channelling the Goddess energy through her. I felt her presence as he slowly walked around the white table, mentioning other beings who were present with us and started mentioning some names that sounded like they were close friends or members of his soul family that had ascended. I could feel something very strongly as tears welled up in my eyes. The Goddess was definetly present, and embodied in many of our physical bodies. Cobra continued to talk for a short while and then became silent as we all stood together, connected in the physical 3D realm as well as in the 5D realm of love and light. We all stood in silence for a while as slowly some started to make soft harmoious sounds in one part of the crrcle that eventually grew into everyone on stage connecting through there own sounds….. i heard mostly OM’s and variation of OM’s as well as whatever was present for that being to express in voice and song. One women near me started to very loudly come forth with some sounds that was loud enough that perhaps everyone could hear. It felt like she was very enlivened by a force or presence. Later when Cobra asked if anyone wanted to share their experience, this woman shared that whe felt Isis Astara come through her saying some beautiful words full of light and love. The sounds from everyone grew more varied and louder….  Eventually our sounds grew softer until we were silent again. Cobra mentioned a few things as we released our hands from eash other and started hugging each other. I felt very free to touch and hug anyone and felt more connected to everyone… more than i had felt thoughout the whole conference.  It was hard for many to leave the stage as they kept hugging and hugging. The Goddess came alive in each of us. 

When we were all back in our seats, Cobra and acknowledged that this was a very special happening. I felt that what had taken place brought us closer to the Event, by opening our hearts and connecting to each other on the  physical plane and at a soul level.

Victory of the Light. Victory of the Goddess. May the Goddess be present in all of our lives as She ushers in a new wave of Love, and frees us from the physical 3D matrix, and facilitates us in our ascension process. In this way She brings us closer to the Event. 

14 thoughts on “Invitation to start Sisterhood Of The Rose groups

  1. I have had the same experience at a conference in Budapest. From the moment I was initiated to the Sisterhood of the Rose, my life has changed completely. With all my heart I’m immersed in the service of the whole. I am now working with the amazing group of men and women we meet several times a week for joint meditation, we co-create the cintamani grid in Slovakia and Austria and we also meditate individually every day. There is more joy in the lives of each of us.

  2. Thanks for sharing Peter. I was sitting and you were in front of me. There was a moment, when you were on the stage, that you leaned back. I thought I might fall.
    But the energy of the Goddess was very intense.

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