Personal Notes from Ascension Conference Sao Paulo



Preface:  When i first walked into the large hall and saw Cobra way down in the front on the stage, i felt a sense of “being back”… I felt at home again. He  greeted the four hundred or so of us quite  enthusiastically with a “Victory of the Light”. I felt his positive energy very strongly that we were getting so much closer to the Compression Breakthrough and the liberation of our planet. The following is my own personal  interpretation of what he presented based on notes that i took and my  memory. Anything that is in parenthesis and italics is from my own knowing and is included to enhance  the meaning of what Cobra was talking about. Re writing these notes has been a labor of love and has allowed me to reconnect with the potent content and energy that Cobra so lovingly and diligently delivered to us.

Day One, Morning session, first part                                                                                                       Victory Of The Light!….we are close to the breakthrough … and one step further into the 5th dimension. Each one of us is a leader…..we are here to make our visions and ground them into physical reality. The strong thunderstorm last night is part of the process. There is a strong presence of the  Light Forces here.                                                          This weekend there is important information which you can share, as long as you say where it came from and that it is your own interpretation. 


Opening Meditation.   Close your eyes and watch your breath… as you breathe in, breathe brilliant white light into your being…. as you breathe out, radiate this brilliant white light into your surroundings. ….  Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your physical body… and as you breathe out, breathe out all the things you don’t need in your physical body…. and keep breathing like that…       Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your physical body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your plasma body… and as you breathe out from your plasma body,  release all the things you don’t need in your plasma body…. and keep breathing like that…  Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your plasma body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your etheric body… and as you breathe out, release all the blocks in your chakras and meridians…. and keep breathing like that…  Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your etheric body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your astral body… and permeate all your emotions with this light….and as you breathe out, release all your emotions you don’t need anymore, your anger, sadness fear…in your physical body…. and keep breathing like that…   Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your astral body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

Now as you breathe, breathe brilliant white light into your mental body… and as you breathe out, breathe out all your thoughts, belief systems that you don’t need anymore from your mental body…. and keep breathing like that… Now as you breathe in, breathe in brilliant white light into your mental body, and as you breathe out radiate this light into your surroundings.

And now breathe brilliant white light into the totality of your being, and breathe out this light from your being… and keep breathing like that. And as you breathe like that you are becoming like a being of light…. You are a being of light. And we will confirm  that fact by singing the sacred sound “OM” three times. (chant 3 x’s with group)

As a being of light we are connecting to all people in this group and becoming one being of light. We are confirming that fact by singing the sacred sound of “OM” three times. (chant 3 x’s)

As a group, as a point of light as one group, we are connecting to other groups throughout the planet  creating a planet as a single planetary being of light, where there is an end to all suffering and darkness. Now visualize, feel or experience our Milkey Way galaxy consisting of one hundred billion stars that are emanating light in all directions, sending light to our solar system. The galactic cetnral sun is the source for all this light in our galaxy. Our earth is the last planet to become full of light and free of all negativity. This is the completion of the Galactic Prophecy which claims there will come a time when all darkness will disappear through out the galaxy. And that time is now. We will confirm this now by chanting the sacred sound of OM 3 times (chant OM 3 x’s)(end of meditation)

Morning session                                                                                                                                  We are not alone (here). Many beings are supporting us in this conference – the Pleiadians, and other star groups.  Isis Astara is here with us anchoring the Goddess and I will be talking about this tomorrow.     She will be with us for the whole conference with other beings of light. She has never left us.. Together we will create victory of the light.     (we watched the Goddess meditation video from Cobra’s blog) I Am That I Am Love.


“You must unlearn what you have learned” -(photo and quote of Yoda was shown)   Every person who has ever incarnated into this planet has undergone programs and quarantine from the Light to keep from awakening. We have signed a contract with the dark forces which was an agreement to be implanted …programmed. The implant process consists of putting crystals into our body charged with strong electromagnetic forces rotating around a black hole. (The black hole receives negative anomaly from areas that the dark forces cultivate and collect). This is the first layer of programming. 

The second layer occurred each time we  incarnated.  Right before we were born we had to go through a layer of plasma and implanted again. These implants straightened our forgetting (forgetting our past lives, forgetting who we are/were as a being of light. This memory loss creates trauma in our being.

The third layer of programming comes from our parents. The cabal limited our choice when we chose our parents before incarnating…. so many of our parents were not good choices for us which limits our evolution.

The fourth layer comes from our schooling. We our shaped with mind programming protocols on every level of education that we engage in. Our creative processes become very  limited as a result of this.

The fifth level comes from all the different mass media we are exposed to including everything in print, on TV and very much so through the internet and social media.

The sixth level comes from scalar technology. There are many networks around the planet that transmits different levels of control, programming and violence to our bodies and minds. As we awaken we become aware of these programs (and it lessons their affects upon us). In the last decade the use of cell phones has allowed the cabal to increase their programming upon us. It is important to spend at least one or two hours a day, away from our cell phones.

What we can do to reduce all the programming we have been and are exposed to is to train our intuition by listening and following our inner voice, which is training the right hemisphere of the brain. Also to train the left side of the brain by learning each day and expanding our knowledge in all directions. By strengthening both our intuition and knowledge is a key to our transition…. as the info (attempts for programming us) will get more intense.   The next two days there will be presented much information that is beyond what the average human (has been exposed to or can understand). What we “normally” see in our world and reality is a very small part of Reality.                       (showed a slide of a tiny circle enclosing a small part of our huge spiraling Milky Way galaxy)                                                                                                                                        The stars we see on a clear night is an infinitesimal amount of the stars in our galaxy. On our planet we can only see visible light, which is a very small part of the frequency of “light” (energy) spectrum.  We do not and cannot see the presence of most things.(showed a slide of Cobra in ship in space beyond the veil)                                             Cobra shared his experience of going beyond the veil and said it allowed him for the first time to see more clearly the current conditions on our planet. and to discover the existence of the Chimera group. This was the first time in 25,000 years that the Chimera group had been “discovered”. Before,  there was knowledge of the cabal (which are the lower level of beings that are controlling our planet. The Chimera are both physical and etheric beings that control the archons and cabal). There is much happening now behind the scenes that no one is aware of.


                                                 The Ascension Process –


The ascension process is an individual one, a planetary one and a cosmic one. There is and will be great transformation on all three levels. We are at the breaking point of the cosmic cycle whereby the galaxy is changing from an in breath to an out breath approaching a moment of no breath where energy comes in from the universe and clears and removes all the negative anomaly (the source of all darkness). We have been preparing for all of our lifetimes for this. In our other lifetimes we have been learning things that we need for this lifetime  and have incarnated at this time specifically for our ascension. 




There is a 50 year window for this to happen and for all darkness to be removed, which started on May 25, 1975 and will end on July 5 2025. This  cycle is an alignment of the earth, our sun and the galactic central sun and coincides with the pulsing heart beat of the galactic central sun which has one cosmic beat about every 25,000 years. Half way through this cycle there is a smaller pulse that occurs about every 12,500 years. The last time this occurred there was an massive extinction event that happened very suddenly, where by mammoths that were eating grass, froze so quickly that the grass still remained in their stomachs. The Light Forces can buffer this galactic super-wave.


The pulse that originates in the GCS sends forth a signal that activates our sun and our sun sends forth a flash throughout our solar system. Some scientists are predicting an ice age to occur quite possibly as soon as a few months or years. The Galactic wave however increases solar activity so that the ice age may not happen. The Light Forces are also balancing this transition so that we can survive. The Compression Breakthrough is part of this process  (which is the time when The Event will happen) and now we are in a purification process of clearing negativity to help the planet and our solar system to be entrained to this Galactic Pulse. This cosmic cycle also includes the precessional cycle, when in 1998 the solstice sun aligned with the galactic equator. The key to all of this is the GCS which is the source of light in our galaxy which will create the Event.and where all evolution starts.

Tachyons are the first particles to be created in the universe and have a direct connection to Source. They are the most efficient means to ……..? I was asked to bring this  Pleiadian technology to our planet, which includes the tachyon healing chamber and also a  way to tachyonize products such as crystals, stones and water.               Cobra then described some of the products and crystals he had for sale on the table, all of which he said had been tachyonized.

Copper bracelets and rings- copper being the metal of Venus, which rules love and emotions                 Aquamarine – 5th dimension and connection to the Mother Ship Morganite – unconditional love                                                                                       Goshanite – individual ascension process                                                                       Cintamani – grounds the energy of the Compression Breakthrough                                                ?  – opens the centra channel and connects chakras to source

Moldavite  is pure love from the Pleiades

He then named and described the 13 Galactic rays that he will give initiations in (to the ones  that have paid for them. Archangel Metatron gave him the system of initiations             Pleiades – heart/love                                             Sirius – Joy                                            Andromeda – mastery or the physical plane      Orion – integrate ?   creativity?       Galactic Central Sun – higher purpose               Antares – Oneness

Ascended Masters                           Sananda – unconditional love                                 Kuthumi – healing                            Ashtar – 5th dimension/telepathy                                      St. Germain – transformation, manifestation of abundance                                                Seraphis Bey – connection to angels           Dwal Khul – healing

It is recommended to practice at least once a day, preferably twice a day for 5 to 20 minutes.   After 6 months the ray will open the chakras channel. Level 1 opens ones own channel and level 2 can be used for healing others.

Questions and answers          A question about the Shuman resonance and its reporting of dramatically increasing.          Answer – Their are many resonances that can be measured according to where they are surrounding the earth. The one in the atmosphere is stable. The one in the stratosphere the amplitude is changing – where plasma (ionized gas) exists.                A question about how to block harmful frequencies ? or negativity.             Answer – It is more effective to raise one’s own frequency above it.

                                                        (morning break)

                          (Slide of diagram of  4 pulsar galaxies in a Fibonacci series)                  The advanced galactic races have purposely place certain galaxies in a special Fibonacci sequence. These particular 4 galaxies are pulsar galaxies that rotate to emit certain frequencies.     These frequencies emitted and the placement of the galaxies are specifically to send a message to others in the universe. Few scientists have noticed this. Our solar system is located in a bubble of plasma that the mother ships have entered into, to help civilize the transition during the up coming galactic super-wave. 


               Many things in our universe is in the shape of a torus. (a circular donut –  from galaxies and stars, down to the earth and the human heart)                                                                            New Atlantis and the Energy Grid                                                                                                 (slide of the earth showing both the old and new equator)                                                    One way that work is being done towards the liberation of the planet is the creation if a network of light around the planet.  At the time of Atlantis the equator existed in a different location.  The old equator went through Sao Paulo,Brazil.   Brazil was an Atlantean colony and part of the work is now to activate the vortex that exists here to align with the New Grid. In 1659 St. Germain who was incarnated as Francis Bacon, wrote a book called, A Work Unfulfilled – The New Atlantis.  Later as Count St. Germain, he started a mystery school in Paris that initiated people into the Goddess Mysteries, which triggered drastic changes.  Also as Ben Franklin, he helped create the Articles of Independence and the United States’ Constitution.  St. Germain has instructed me to continue this work by creating tachyon chambers around the planet that bring the light energy from source to people who use them. (there are many around the world that provide this service for healing).

.The grid is also affected (in a negative way) by the scaler technology of the various “colliders”, (such as the Haldron collider in Switzerland) The main one used to be in Long Island, New York, but is now in Colorado. 


The light grid around the planet is also facilitated by burying Cintamanis all over the world. There are thousands and thousands now planted around the world that has have tangible affects on the quality of life. The sky in Beijing has even become much clearer as a result of the many Cintamani placed there. Whenever a cintamani is buried, there is an Angelic Being of light that creates a vortex area 10 to 20 kilometers in diameter that clears the negative plasma. The cintamani grid will greatly help at the time of the Event by grounding (and softening) the immense light energy that will enter our planet from the GCS via our own sun.

Tonight at 9:11 Sao Paulo time there will be a mass meditation to help accompany George Bush Sr. to the Galactic Central Sun where his soul will be no more. The meditation will be to help the Light Forces so the Archons will not be able to rescue him. (He was one of the masterminds for creating much evil on the planet)  We are now undoing 25,000 years of programming… and we have mostly deconstructed it in the 3D matrix in a  matter of years.

                                                              Agartha Network                                                                                                                                Cobra mentioned caves and creating goddess energy. (In the past he has talked about how caves all around the planet are a places where Goddess energy exists. 


                                   Contact Dish and Confederation Domain                                                                                         A Beta time line started on January 26th of this year when Isis Astara was killed. The galactic forces of Light have been able to claim our planet as Confederation Domain as of the new Gamma time line that started in June, which is secure and stable. They have initiated “May We Land In Your Back Yard?” Anyone who has a piece of private land (Cobra mentioned about the size of the stage he was on, which was about 30 feet by 50 feet) can give their permission for the Light Forces to land. This must be done silently to oneself and not told to anyone. In this way, the whole planet can become one large contact dish. When this starts to happen, many will contact the media. At some point the United Nations will make this official and will represent humanity’s first contact.

                                                         Galactic Codex                                                                                                                                    The Galactic Codex is the basis for every enlightened society in the universe. After first contact the Galactic forces will intervene when the Galactic Codex is violated. Military intervention will occur with the use of the positive military. 


Galactic Confederation Domain                                                                                             Galactic Confederation Domain is when ownership of our planet will be transferred to the Light Forces and Galactic Confederation. Ownership is now in the hands of the Draconians who have considered this their planet for thousands of years.  They have given the Jesuits and politicians the power to rule and carry out their commands. The Galactic Confederation will challenge their claim and their ownership will be removed in the future. The movie series Star War is real and not a fantasy. It is no joke. The dark forces will be defeated. Many mother ships are now in our solar system cloaked with a tachyon membrane. Some are actually masked as asteroids. 


Questions and Answers                                                                                                                        A Question about the difference between the plasma body and the etheric body.   Answer: The plasma body is made of of plasma, which is ionized gas. The etheric body includes the chakras. All the bodies (that were addressed in the opening meditation) include the chakras except for the physical body.                                                                    A question about food storage for the transition period of the Event.                          Answer It is recommended to have one to two weeks of food and water stored. One can live without food for 2 weeks but not without water so water is most important to have stored.                                                                                                                                             A question about timelines. Answer: Timelines are currents of energy based on the collective that bring reality to be manifested.                                                                             A Question about what determines the place a conference is held.                                Answer: A strong energy vortex must be  present, logistics (being available to a population of light workers) and guidance for the light forces.

Entry Protocols                                                                                                                                Entry Protocols are a certain procedure the Resistance Movement has released for the time when certain individuals will be able to go into the Resistance Movement. (go inside the earth where the RM live, totally hidden and free of any surface population interference). Those people will be able to cooperate and work for the Resistance Movement. Those chosen must have limited surface commitments such as work, family and people to take care of. They will be contacted near their home by a Resistance Movement agent and given 15 minutes to gather any personal affects and enter from a nearby entrance. They will undergo a cleansing program to remove all nannites and implant chips, given a medical exam and a drink to remove toxins from the body and go through a detoxification process. Then they will undergo a training to integrate into the Resistance Movement society. One must listen to their inner guidance and have a strong connection to it (in order to decide if this is right for you)


                                                   Ascension Protocols                                                                                                                         The ascension process is an individual one, a group one, a planetary one and a cosmic one.  The group process involves those who are in the same soul group (soul family) The planetary ascension process will be a huge transformation. The main part of our ascension process will occur after the Event. (even though some of us have been working on it for some years). The disclosure process will open humanity as a whole for ET contact. The cabal has a history of hiding and suppressing disclosure. Much of humanity will freak out when it happens. Every one will face their reality. (those who have done work to know themselves, including their hidden shadow selves, to connect with their soul nature and and take full responsibility for their actions will have an easier time in this transition of ascending from the 3D matrix reality to the 5D reality) New technology will become available. The ascension process will be especially accelerated in Islands of Light (spiritual communities based on soul connections of soul family, soul mate and twin souls) The spiritually advanced will meet their soul families and create Islands of Light, which will also be areas for strong first contact. Soul groups will be able to ascend into the 5th dimension. Humans as a whole will just leave the darkness and continue their spiritual evolution in the 3rd dimension.



                                                Primary Contracts Removal                                                                                                                  It is recommended to say this 3 times out loud everyday for 3 weeks. We have signed an agreement with the dark forces to allow them to interferer with our spiritual evolution

“In the name of my I Am Presence,

In the name of my Soul,

In the name of the Source,

In the name of all beings of Light,                     

I cancel and nullify all my primary contracts with the dark forces.

All my primary contracts with the dark forces are now null and void.

All consequences of these contracts, past, present and future,

are now null and void.

So be it and so it is   .”                                       


We said this aloud for some times. Then Cobra asked someone to read it back to him I volunteered and got it right. He then asked someone to  read theirs in Portuguese, and when they got it wrong he asked someone else to say it until it was right. This took four or five readings i think. This was to make sure everyone had the right wording. (and to make it an affective process)

  Questions and Answers   Q: How does the RM know who to choose. Do they know about us light workers?     A: They know everything about you.                                                 A question about the RM not being able to come to the surface because of the threat of toplet bomb detonation. These are advanced technological weapons developed by the Chimera group to hold the planet earth in a hostage situation. They have used these weapons in the past in other galactic scenarios. They are far more advanced that nuclear weapons. (Cobra posted a link to an article about these weapons that some say act as a black hole and that have the capability to  reduce the size of the earth to several football fields. I think the Haldron accelerator/collider and the ones in Long Island and now Colorado are places that this technology is held  has  a connection with the toplet bombs)                                                                                                                       The answer was that the time has to be right for them to surface

                                                 Implant Triangulation

Each of the primary implants are a vortex of electro-magnetic energy with a black hole in the center that attracts the negative anomaly (from locations that the archons have it stored). Each implant holds belief systems that limit our spiritual evolution. The two implants in the frontal lobe area (each one inside the head a little bit just above each eyebrow) are programmed to keep us separate from Source, from our I Am Presence. Basically they separate man from God and are the source for our entry into the world of duality. All beliefs and traumas created from this implant can cause headaches. The other primary implant is located about 4 centimeters (2 fingers width) above the naval. This implant inhibits our kundalini awakening and also separates male from female by giving each gender a basically opposite program. The program for men says says men are allowed to feel sexual energy but not allowed to feel emotions or feelings in general. The programming for women says that woman are Not allowed to feel sexual energy but are allowed to feel emotions. 

Cobra then instructed us in a triangulation exercise where we were to get a blank sheet of paper and write “sex is love. sex is not love”, over and over until we filled the page.

Then he asked us to take another sheet of paper and write “I am God, I am not God” over and over until we filled the paper. He then asked us for anyone to  share their experiences of doing this exercise.

                                                           Light Body


                        The light body is our soul, which sends energy and information into our mind, into our emotions and chakras and plasma and physical bodies. Our consciousness can  become a portal to the 5th and 6th dimensions, as we connect with become at one with our I Am Presence, our Soul.  This is when our light body is activated. This is part of the ascension process. The light body (also referred to as the merkaba) can be used for travel. This is the same as what the Pleiadians do when they merge their light body with a ship and travel through space.They use the principle of propulsion in a torroidial electro-magnetic field.. 

                                                                 ATVOR                                                                                                   ATVOR  is a technology from Ashtar command and is a way of connecting to the mother ship through our I Am Presence. A simplified version of this can be done with a visualization and an affirmation. First visualize a pillar of light from your body, (through your star or soul chakra) and connecting to the mother ship. Say out loud the following affirmation  (with feeling and a sincere intention):

I call upon the Pillar of the pure white light to descend upon me and form around        me.                                                                                                                                                                 I call upon the Presence of the I Am That I am.                                                                            I ask that the Presence of the I Am That I Am to join and merge with me”                            end of Day One

                                                           DAY TWO

(We repeated the morning meditation from day 1, – see above “Opening Meditation)

(not sure when this topic was given or maybe it was an answer ti a question, but Cobra mentioned Steven Greer and his CE 5 protocol which is a meditation which can be used to get consciousness in a deep state of mind. In that state it is possible to contact extraterrestrial life forms and to invite any benevolent ET to interact with you.   here is a link to that meditation :

                                             Manifestation Process                                                           Everything is possible. Every thought ( contributes to  manifesting something ?) The universe is infinite. The manifestation process is simple, yet needs to be practiced with patience without giving up.  Many New Age theories and books on the Law of Attraction do not explain it correctly and are not explaining  the whole process in totality. This has created frustration for people because it has not worked for them. 


The Law of Manifestation has 3 steps.                                                                                  The first step is decision and it is most important in making a clear decision in what you want to manifest. You must also decide no matter what, this is what i am going to manifest. Most are not clear about there desires and most decisions are not made from their true nature, their true Self (soul) Their desires come from their surroundings or their parents. (Cobra then gave an example of a daughter that wanted to practice medicine, but her father wanted her to be a lawyer. She became a lawyer and was unhappy. The media and external forces have much influence on what many people decide to manifest. 

The second step is invocation, using your desires and emotions to charge and fuel the decision.. Visualize it and feel  the sensations you have when you think about what you want to manifest. Feel gratitude for this coming into your life or for what you already have in your life that is related to what you want.This  accelerates the process and the manifestation flow and decision will get stronger. Ask for help from the Light Forces. Another thing you can do is have a 3D model of what you want to enhance the invocation process.

Step three is taking physical action. If you want to manifest a car you can go to a dealership and test drive the car the particular you want. Repeat the process.  The manifestation process is slow for many reasons. One is that we are dealing with physical matter. Another is that the  forces of darkness  do not want us to succeed, as that is not part of their programming. The most common mistake is giving up.  The Rothschilds knew 250 years ago that there desire to control the planet would not happen in their lifetime. The percervered for generations in order to manifest what has come to be as their stronghold on controlling the world’s financial system) We have more power and our souls are powerful. Manifestation (and ascension) will be easier after the Event. It is important to be aligned with your higher purpose and the Light Forces will help you to manifest it. Use free will from higher self. We have been born to enjoy nice things. 

                                                  Reality Shaping 


 Spirit is densified matter. We are like that star-gate. Our consciousness is a portal to manifesting anything. Focus your consciousness on what has already worked for you, (what you have already manifested.) Our beliefs change the world. We are shaping reality on this planet and have strong forces helping us, so do not be afraid to ask. (the point between the two triangles – the point of transformation is the zero point. It resides in a sacred place of each of our hearts. It is a place of no time, where the past meets the future in a now moment – my personal note)

                                               St. Germain Meditation                                                                  Close your eyes and watch your breathing. Now as you breathe, breathe in a golden light… and when you breathe out, breathe out this golden light in all directions… and keep breathing like that.

As you breathe like this, see and feel everybody around you as golden light. Visualize a golden vortex from your heart expanding into a golden vortex of light. This vortex of golden light is bringing abundance…and a gold coin. Feel it in the palm of your hand.  Feel its weight and its presence as a magnet for bringing abundance into your life. Continue to breathe and feel this abundance already in your life. Keep breathing like this for a few minutes and feel this energy of abundance. …. And when you are ready you may open your eyes.

Cobra then asked if anyone would like to share their experience and i shared that when i felt two gold coins in each palm of my hands, i remembered the gold coins that i already on and felt their abundance and i started to feel that i was rich. I felt gratitude for what i already have in my life. 

                                              Demanifestation Process  


                              Demanifestation has to do with getting rid of things in your life that you don’t like or don’t want. It is the same principle and the same process as the manifestation process. First choose what you do not want in your life and decide that you will not tolerate it anymore.  Invoke and charge this experience with the feeling that you do not want this experience or thing anymore in your life. Cobra then gave an example how he took action in this process. He decided that he does not want to have people come late for meetings with him. He decided to leave when anyone was late. Soon people started to show upon time.

                                            Vortex Support Field Map


                       Cobra then instructed us to take out a blank sheet of paper and draw what you want to manifest, what you would like to have in your life. Draw everything you want, including all the details  and remember there there are no limits to what you want to manifest. Save this map for a while and you may check it in a year or so and see what has come to manifest.                                                                                                                         (in the Ascension Conference in Taipei of March 2017, Cobra had us make a similar map, sometimes referred to as “vision board” . On the first day of the conference he asked us to all bring magazines that had a lot of photos and images, and also glue and large pieces of paper So on the 2nd day after explaining about the manifestation process he had us break into smaller groups where we shared our supplies and magazines with each other. The idea was to cut out photos and images that match what you want to manifest and paste them on the large paper. We all had a lot of fun doing it. I still have mine today hanging in my bedroom. When ever i look at it, it invokes the feelings i have in wanting the things i would like to have in my life. Some of the things have manifested partially, yet i am still working on manifesting the other things, sometimes by invocation and taking further action.)

                                                 Galactic  Wave of Love


The galactic central sun will be  sending a powerful galactic pulse to (through our own sun) earth that we will receive as a great wave of love. On our planet there is much negative anomaly that needs to be cleared that will be cleared. The divine feminine principal has been drastically reduced over the last 5000 years and the return of the Goddess will return this feminine principal and trigger a great wave of healing and realigning of human society. We are coming into a time now when this alignment is crucial to the survival of our planet and without this alignment (or re balancing of energies) the surface of the planet would collapse. We are now taking practical steps (to facilitate)  this re alignment process.


                                                 Sisterhood Of The Rose  



One of these steps is the forming of Sisterhood of The Rose groups all around the planet. These groups are channeling Goddess energy and are key to anchoring it, by physically meeting once a week. On the surface of the planet, entropy is increasing, and the balance of male and female  energy way out of balance and needs to be healed. And so to reverse this trend (of entropy and imbalance) the only possible solution s to bring back the Divine Feminine principal, the Goddess, which is the archetype of unconconditional love and melts all separation and woulds and bring healing to the planet. In the ancient times of Atlantis  priestesses and priests formed these secret societies called Sisterhood Of The Rose as well as through out history. They have been attacked many times for anchoring this pure feminine energy. In the last few years the light forces have requested that these groups be renewed on the surface of the planet. The only requirement is that at least 3 people (can be male of female) meet in a physical location at least once a week and to do the Goddess vortex meditations. Other meditations and activities can also be done at this time.


                                  Invitation to create SOTR groups

                                                                                Cobra then invited anyone who wants to start a SOTR group in their own area to come up onto the stage. There were a huge number of people gathered there. Here is my experience of that initiation which i posted on a separate blog post that cobra  gave a link to on his recent blog on the Brazil Ascension Conference Update and stated “On the 2nd day of the conference a huge breakthrough happened. We managed to anchor the Goddess energy as never before.

(beginning of my previous blog post)                                                                                On the afternoon of the second day of the conference, Cobra asked for anyone who wanted to start a SOTR group in their physical area to come up on the stage. Previously he talked about the requirements for starting a group, which was basically there has to be a minimum of 3 people physically present to meet once a week in a physical location. He will be putting info on his blog about this as well as links to the Goddess meditations that are recommended to do at the physical meeting. He said that we could also use our inner guidance to include other meditations and activities. Through out the conference Cobra talked about  different  subjects having to do with the Goddess and the Goddess energy.                                                                                                                                Many went up to the stage and slowly it was filled with so many people …. too many to form one circle so we had to form two circles, one inside the other… we all held hands and i felt very connected to the two beings on either side of me and then slowly felt connected to many others in the large group, on a physical level and at a soul level.                                                                             Cobra placed the eight pink/orange roses that i had brought for The Goddess for the conference on the second day on  the small white table in the middle of the circle that was used throughout the two days where  he placed a large moldavite crystal in the shape of a chalice (bowl).          He mentioned that Isis Astara was there and he will be channelling the Goddess energy through her. I felt her presence as he slowly walked around the white table, mentioning other beings who were present with us and started mentioning some names that sounded like they were close friends or members of his soul family that had ascended. I could feel something very strongly as tears welled up in my eyes. The Goddess was definitely present, and embodied in many of our physical bodies. Cobra continued to talk for a short while and then became silent as we all stood together, connected in the physical 3D realm as well as in the 5D realm of love and light. We all stood in silence for a while as slowly some started to make soft harmonious sounds in one part of the circle that eventually grew into everyone on stage connecting through there own sounds….. i heard mostly OM’s and variation of OM’s as well as whatever was present for that being to express in voice and song. One women near me started to very loudly come forth with some sounds that was loud enough that perhaps everyone could hear. It felt like she was very enlivened by a force or presence. Later when Cobra asked if anyone wanted to share their experience, this woman shared that she felt Isis Astara come through her saying some beautiful words full of light and love. The sounds from everyone grew more varied and louder….  Eventually our sounds grew softer until we were silent again. Cobra mentioned a few things as we released our hands from each other and started hugging each other. I felt very free to touch and hug anyone and felt more connected to everyone… more than i had felt throughout the whole conference.  It was hard for many to leave the stage as they kept hugging and hugging. The Goddess came alive in each of us.                                                                   When we were all back in our seats, Cobra and acknowledged that this was a very special happening. I felt that what had taken place brought us closer to the Event, by opening our hearts and connecting to each other on the  physical plane and at a soul level.                                               (end of post)                     

Cobra asked if anyone would like to share there experience. Many did so and they were very moving and heart felt sharings.                                  

                                                           Soul Families  

                                                                              Soul families are those that come to earth from a the same origin. We are transitioning from the human biological family to soul oriented families where we do not look at relationships from a personality level but connect and resonate from a soul level. The closer we get tho the Event the more we will recognize these members of of our soul family. These soul level connections are the key to dissolving the matrix.  We  hack  the matrix each time a soul connection is made and dissolve the structure of the planet. Soul mates are a very strong  6th dimensional soul connection They were both created in the same way and are many times from the same star system.


When male and female soul mates come together there is a strong magnetic attraction. Usually two things happen when they do. Either they are happy and can recognize each others patterns to work through them or one can run away from the other. Their unions are a strong key for anchoring the Goddess energy on the planet and for this reason the archons try to break the connection between soul mates. If you are with your soul mate, stay in the present, do not run away, It is beneficial to dissolve, destroy and transform these patterns. If you can do this it can be  a sacred union.

                                                    Goddess Ley Line System                                                                   (map of Goddess ley line around the planet)                                                                             There is a strong Goddess ley line that circles the planet and flows through key areas such as Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Bosnia, Italy, Paris, London, across the Atlantic to Boston. New York, Washington DC, Mexico City etc. Who ever controls this ley line controls the planet. In Paris there is a huge Goddess energy vortex. In November the kundalini energy  was activated by SOTR there and now we have a new French revolution. You can follow the news about this. The war in Syria is really a battle to control the strong Goddess energy that is there. Five vortexes are  in the form of a pentagram, the geometric symbol of the Goddess. 

The Goddess energy is strong now and is a key to our geo-political situation.

                                                          Twin Souls                                                                                    Twin souls are actually one being incarnated into 2 polarities. The archons have prevented their reunion (because every time a twin soul reunites, it created a powerful force in grounding the Goddess energy.)

                                    For this reason, most twin souls will reunite after the Event, as the archons have created programs to prevent their reunion. One program that has been given to females is the “twin soul fantasy”. Women searching for their twin soul project their twin soul fantasy onto their partner which means she expects him to think, act and behave just like her twin soul would. Hollywood has exploited this dynamic by created a huge conditioning force and belief system showing in movies j many  movies that women will be happy when she meets her twin flame. This gives women an impossible mission and also prevents her from finding her TS. Some women find someone who looks like her TS and this creates conflicts which dissolve the relationship and creates trauma. Much psychic energy is channeled into this. This is why it is important to recognize each partner for who they are, to create a more real and magical connection. This is the basic key for transforming society. Women have to recognize men for who they are. 



Female sexuality has been suppressed for over 5,000 years. Women who have expressed their sexuality have been killed, so women have learned to suppress it. In 99.9% of women have created a personality split – they hide their inner sexual nature.  Public pressure is for women to be respectable, so women have suppressed their kundalini energy. This has created confusion in men. Men actually have no clue as to what a women is thinking. A 25 year intense study was created to understand this dynamic. Women put out mixed signals and are pretending….. Men use visual signals and see conflicting behavior in women. The archons in this way have created two separate psychological programs based on gender.The key is for women to become aware of their sexual self and to start making conscious choices (and be aware of what signals they are emitting) and learn to consistently choose what signals they are emitting. A very small percentage of women do this. It is important for women to activate their kundalini to begin to transform human society into a more advanced one. (In one of Cobra’s blog posts he recommends to learn the “Cobra Breath” – no connection to Cobra- which is a part of the Ipsalu Tantra practice of Kriya Yoga. I took Cobra;s advice and took an Ipsalu Tantra workshop to learn the Cobra Breath and now practice it  within my Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga daily practice. I recommend it highly)

(we took a break at this time along with many through out the 2 days – many more during the second day. Each time we came back, Cobra led us in a brief meditation where we closed our eyes, breathed in pure white light and breathed out pure white light, doing this several times)

Women have the power to heal society and it is no coincidence that healers are mostly women.  Healing is related to our ascension process. The next step to heal, is for women to heal their relationships with men, to perceive them as they are, and for women to awaken their kundalini energy. Become a priestess healing with sexual energy. This time before the Event is to awaken kundalini energy. This is the next step. Men have been trained by the archons to suppress their emotions. Because they are soft on the inside and hard on the outside, men have to hide their weakness. Many of them appear strong, but are actually weak. The archons are playing a game, ( and make it so men go off to war?) Which is stronger – to kill Iraqi’s or to say no to war? Men must acknowledge their weakness and transform…. where the sacred union of the sun and moon. In the past, priestesses were initiated into secret mysteries of the Goddess and trained to anchor Goddess energy in their body, through singing, dancing, and and awakening their kundalini. They were able to merge this energy with their heart and were able to heal. When men returned from the wars, they went to the Goddess temples and made love to the priestesses and were able to transmute their traumas from war. The priestesses also made love to priests to transform energy.

The high priestess, through the king, would anchor Goddess energy for the whole country. This is how Egypt survived for 3000 years. As we come closer to the Event it is good to make  conscious true commitment and have devotion to one another in a sacred relationship. Monogamy as a pure archetype is based on this.  but the archons have distorted it through programming, as 80% of relationships lack this true commitment and devotion. Most suppress parts of themselves and control each other. Their are other layers of programming that keep partners hiding and cheating on one another. More partners need to relate consciously on a soul level and most do not do that. Open and transparent honesty is required. The worst thing you can do is to hide who you truly are. Have the courage to declare who you are and how you feel. Men now develop a strategy to seduce women. The key is to (recognize this as a program) and go beyond it. Connect to the female,  deactivate and transcend the program…….

The archons have used rape and trauma to suppress women’s’ sexual energy. Men become angry and frustrated (because women have closed down their sexuality)

(slide of the Jihad and 72 virgins)eStar-seeds

The key is to reverse from need and to go through the healing process and allow th Goddess energy to be embodied. In SOTR groups women can support each other and go through healing with the help of other women. The soul connection has no attachment.

The Event and the New Reality

Islands of Light are communities based on sacred geometry. As we come closer the the Event

soul families will  come together and can live in community. Those who feel guided to live in and Island of Light must be able to leave where they are and move to a location. They must be able to be aware of inner programming, be stable financially, have  their mental, emotional and physical bodies is a basic  level of stability. Every member must be a leader. Each Island of Light needs skilled people on many levels. It is good to have weekly meetings to decide those who think they are ready (to be in an Island of Light)  from those who are really ready. 

We have started the manifestation process to create and Island of Light in Brazil.

                           Closing  words (Cobra ended with these words very enthusiastically)

(We have a ?) Galactic reunion with some Pleiadians. Star-seeds awaken! 

Activate and remember your mission! We have been waiting long enough without (…….?)

No more waiting! 

It is time to do, now, now, now !!!

Victory Of The Light ! Victory Of The Light ! 

We have laid the foundation !!!





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