A Thousand Steps to the Light- Inspirations from the Conference

It is not easy to express enough or show what Light has filled my 9 days in Sao Paulo…  thousands of thoughts, feelings, heart beats, and steps, reborn and transformed into a lighter Light, closer to source, closer to my soul. I feel more of what lies beyond all my worry, anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of unworthiness, (which  we all have been programmed for thousands of years). With thousands of steps … walking towards parks and rivers for grape missions…and  the steps i came here to take to see Cobra and hear guidance for future steps or confirmation and inspiration … as well as steps to meet others on a similar journey in our ascension towards living a higher, healthier, and happier life, free of constraints and rules that serve only to control us and inhibit our awakening. Oh my, over 400 of you!

(just a handful among us that came to the party in the park the day after the conference)

I began my steps many years ago, actually decades, and Cobra has crowned and outlined my journey with a golden halo that has given purpose and meaning to all my spiritual striving. Thank you Cobra! and  thank  you all my soul brothers and sisters I met at the conference. Your open hearts and enthusiasm made up for any lack of knowledge or time spent on the ascension path, and has fueled my own journey. May this be a further  initiation for your wild and joyful willingness to bring more Light into your own hearts and spread it to those around you to fuel their journey.

In this way of coming together, not just with those at the conference, but with all all of you around the world who are working for the Light,  we further our ascension process as individual souls, as a planet, and help fulfill the Galactic Prophecy of removing ALL darkness from all corners of our universe. In this way our ascension process is, truly as Cobra says, a Cosmic one. Our planet will soon become one free of any suffering or violence, full of joy, where we can engage more in doing what we truly want and are here to do, whether it is enjoying a day at the beach or building a space ship… we will all soon be free to choose, without having money, security, or housing be a deciding factor. We were born to enjoy this planet, ouselves and  each other, not “work” for a living!

The Goddess blessed us all last weekend as we could tangibly feel her come alive in our tears of joy and tears of recognition for her full return to our planet. Obrigato, xie xie, gracias, gomabseubnida, Terima kasih, thank you…. to the Goddess for bringing balance, truth. love, harmony and joy back into our lives

Our job now is to further awaken to our mission….to what we came here to do. This involves awakening to and remembering who we are as souls, for our souls know our purpose.    

Go inside, be still for some moments, feel, hear, and listen… to receive guidance. Then go out and take the steps necessary, take a thousand steps, to spread the Light and Love that is our inherent nature. 

Victory to the Goddess and Victory to the Light!


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