Oh My Chappada, I Bow to You !


When i first arrived at the airport in Brasilia, i was so overcome with excitement, for my journey… that i started singing (outloud!) the Canned Heat song, “Goin’ up the country, got to get a way…. I’m goin’ i’m goin’ , got to get a way…. Goin’ to some place , where i never been before….” i felt this song the way i have felt before,,, of something in my bones, of sensing a joyful journey ahead. And it truly was a joyful other worldly experience… each of my 5 days there, so full of full blown adventures and connecting with a few soul family members. I will be writing more, but here is an ode i wrote on the plane, after leaving, to  Chappada dos Veadeiros.


Oh my Chappada dos Veadeiros ! 

i bow to you… 

Obrigato for opening to me and receiving  me…

What heaven you have grounded on this earth plane…

what oasis of infinite beauties you have bestowed 

for man and woman and fauna to play in…….







what earth and rock & wind and water you 

you have combined in magnificent splendor

in perfect dispalys of falling waters…

yes, waters that flow and spiral and dance 

over rocks… that splash with God’s grace..

and enlivens and heals us who enter..

and  who drink upon and dive into..

Yes, one who journies to you Chappada 

with an open heart, will see 

and fell this grace you have bestowed.

Five days with you was truly a journey to another world,

another time… at times with no time…

yet only a small taste of what you have to offer.

I truly will “Volte Sempre”  –  “return  often”…



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