The Goddess Is Alive and Well in Brazil !!




Yes, The Goddess Presence is alive and thriving in Brazil. We all felt Her at the conference in some very potent and emotional ways. For me She came alive very strongly…. not only in my own heart and soul, but also by seeing her Presence in the joyful hearts and souls of the many Brazilians present. For as Cobra stated in his blog (and gave a link to my blog post),  “On the second day of the conference, a huge breakthrough happened. We managed to anchor the Goddess energy as never before:    Also the next day at our gathering at Ibirapuera Park, many conference attendees came out to celebrate. It was like an “after party” of the conference, and soon after we got there, we discovered we had something additional to celebrate – the removal of the large, ugly Maman Spider sculpture that had been there since 1996! It, along with a 79 other maman sculptures around the world, Light workers have been diligently planting Cintamani stones to counteract the negative energy generated at each location. So the Cintamani and Morganite stone recently planted, the recently created Buddhic Column, the recently formed Sisterhood Of The Rose group that met there weekly and our Conference was no match for the spider!  

We sung and danced to  Kiko playing guitar, ate and drank,  enjoying each others company on the grass and in the sunlight, with our dear Cobra! Towards the end we meditated and then created a beautiful mandala on the grass of natural materials found in the park. (thanks to Gabriel!)   It was another sign of Her coming alive…. Her Presence…




A week later in Salvador She came came alive again at the Festival De Verao, where Kiko Perez’ band, the Natiruts played. 


We could feel the energy of the show as we approched the soccor stadium in the van, that Kiko so gratiously offered Nay, Fabian, Cobra and I,  a ride and tickets to the VIP area! As we walked into the concert I felt like I was in a TV show, as it was an otherworldly experience. The stadium itself appeared and felt as a beautifully lit mother ship, open to the sky                   

 The beautiful Anitta, a well known pop star came on before the Natruits. Kiko’s reggae style band brought the already enlivened people more so. They played a song that Cobra mentioned where he felt the presence of Isis Astara singing! Nay  commented  “It felt like Isis got the lyrics and downloaded to him…. so beauiful” and that it made him happy. Here is the link to the full Naturits show.   (the song begins at 17:35)and part of the lyrics where Isis is singing:  

 “hummingbird that brought my love, flew and went away…

look how beautiful is my love….i am happy now 

i am thankful to be here, expressing my emotions

and put my ideas and feelings in a song

i am thankful to be able to sing and see you listen to it

and understand this message that i want to put across

hummingbird that brought my love, flew and went away

look how beautiful is my love i am happy now

i am happy now”


After the Natiruts played, we went to the private VIP rave section and danced… and danced….. it felt very freeing to move in ways i never moved before. At times it felt was other  worldly… out of this 3D realm to another freer place. Seeing Cobra dance i somehow felt even freer and gave myself further permission to express myself… to move… to feel the beat and musice and close my eyes and go……












I never went to a “rave” show  before and  It reminded me and felt a little like when i used to go to rock and roll shows, like The Gratefull Dead, squeezing my way  up to the front and dancing and becoming free…. the way we were meant to be…to come alive and move without inhibitions… without thinking of what others are thinking….I spend way too much time concerned about what others are thinking. 

I look forward to the near future, after the Event, when we can all feel freer and closer to our hearts….. closer to The Goddess coming alive in our hearts and bodies and souls. This world has gone on way too long without The Goddess presence and force on our planet….without Her being inside us and feeling joy, and love and happiness… feeling connected and not separate…. feeling close to our own Soul Presence, which is Her…. and truly feeling in Oneness and being in Oneness, which is way different than just saying it. We are the Light. We are the Light inside and connected to the Light

 that is coming to us from far away, that will shine this world to a New World. The Goddess is Alive and is coming back to us and the planet in Full Force. Muito Obrigato to Cobra for coming here and opening Brazil to more of The Goddess Presence….

for She  has truly come alive in Brazil !!!



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