Oh My Brazil, My Heart Is In Your Heart!

Oh My Brazil !                                                                                                                                                            I was guided to you and you opened your wide welcoming arms to me! Coming to you was like discovering a lost family tribe of mine, like a dear family member you took me in. …….  

                                                                                                                                                    In cahoots with my guardian goddess angel, leading me to my soul brothers and sisters who opened their homes and hearts with hugs (real Brazilian hugs!) and generosity of spirit galore. Obrigato to all of you…. so enthused and inspired by our common quest of returning to the Light, as the Light Beings We Are…


Oh My Brazil, your opened  city and seas, parks and trees,  your inner lands were like gems to me. Yes, your Chapada dos Veadeiros, a refuge for body and soul… a play land of unbounded beauty I was beheld and fed by.

With a small group of kindred souls, we travelled your roads until they became dirt, walked across grassy plains without a shirt, onto dry dirt paths beyond hills… eventually revealing oasis’s of rivers and streams pooling in clear ponds fed by

cascading crystal waters…. Yes, the waterfalls of Chapada, each of the seven we pilgammaged to, had its own personality and way of welcoming, cooling and nurturing us, allowing us to embody each of their essences of liquid love.


Oh My… and the bathing goddess beauties that gathered…. like a party… near splashing forceful falls, wading in the cool waters, lounging on warm boulders, sun glistening skin, absorbing all God’s sensuous gifts…  as Adams and Eves in Eden….


we delighted. And like them, we had to leave, each one of us carrying in our minds and hearts that Garden. Sweating upon arriving and shedding tears when leaving….

Yes, that Garden, ,  many of us are re visioning, creating and reclaiming on Earth…. so that All will be able to Live In, as The New Earth….The New Atlantis.


Oh My Brazil, you have never forgotten the Garden, the earth as paradise it was…and have reminded us and allowed us to taste  and visit …

Perhaps the Light Forces have recognized you as one of their own and with Cobra’s help have fanned the flames In Light Workers hearts, awakening us to the Goddess Presence and further opening our planet to the Light and Love that will engulf us All…. Soon!


Obrigato… Thank you… to all the beautiful souls I met in Brazil… Tais!, Anna, soul brother Kiko! Talita, Flave, Larissa, Vanessa, Nay and Fabian!, Ivete, Manuela! Andrea, Gabriel, Ibira, crazy Maurao! soul brother Madu! Veina, Louisa, and Cobra !! All whose hearts are in my  heart !!!                                                                                                                                                        Oh My Brazil, Meu coração está no seu coração !!!  (My heart is in your heart !!!)


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